Company Structure

The basics of building a company

What Is a Typical Org Structure at a Startup?

Organizational structure is key to the success of any startup. Without the right structure, you’re bound to end up with miscommunication, reduced productivity, and an inefficient workflow.

6 min read

A History of Apple’s Organizational Structure

Apple’s most famous CEO is Steve Jobs, but the company has had a diverse team over the years. See how Apple’s org structure has evolved & what it’s like in 2021.

7 min read

What Is a Typical Org Structure at a Fintech Company?

The financial technology—or fintech—niche contains some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. But in order to build a successful fintech company, it’s critical to have the right organizational structure.

6 min read

What Positions Should an Org Chart at a SaaS Startup Have?

In order to reach the heights of SaaS success, you have to have the team members—and the right structure. Here are the positions worth filling in a SaaS org chart.

6 min read

How To Build a Company From Scratch

So, you want to build a company. Millions of people have done it, and millions of others have failed. Building a great company is a work of art. It also happens to be one of the most high-impact actions anyone can do. Great companies can reshape our world for the better, but they are also complex, multi-faceted human-machines of daunting scales.

8 min read

Why Organizational Design Matters

How your company is structured plays a major role in its success. Learn about organizational design and the principles you can apply to build effective teams.

6 min read

The Best Press Release Software

Writing a press release is challenging enough. Make sharing it with the world easier with our selection of the best free and paid press release software available.

7 min read

How to Write and Promote a Press Release

A press release is a great way to share news and updates about your company. Follow our guide to learn how to write, promote, and share your press release.

7 min read

5 Types of Company Reporting Structures

Most companies are led by a CEO, with different teams reporting up to them. Learn about the different types of reporting structures companies can use.

5 min read

Different Types of Job Titles & How to Use Them

Job titles serve a few purposes, including classifying roles and establishing a team’s hierarchy. Read our comprehensive guide on job titles & how to use them.

8 min read

Difference Between CEO and President

The CEO and the president are the two highest positions in most company hierarchies, and yet their roles are often confused.

4 min read

What is a Company?

A company is a legal entity formed to engage in business. It can be established by an individual or a group of people, and can take many different forms.

6 min read
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