Startup Handbook

Key job titles, definitions, and helpful context on the current startup ecosystem every founder needs to know.

How to Fundraise for Your Startup

Getting funded is the ultimate goal for any startup. Here are some tips for getting the fundraising ball rolling.

8 min read

Venture Capitalists vs. Angel Investors

Learn the difference between two common sources of startup capital: venture capitalists and angel investors.

9 min read

What Is an Individual Contributor?

So what exactly is an individual contributor and what skills do they need to succeed? Let’s take a look.

4 min read

Vice President (VP) of Product

The Vice President (VP) of Product is an executive-level position and supporting role to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). The VP of Product's primary responsibility is creating a product roadmap for a company's product managers and user experience teams to follow.

6 min read

Vice President (VP) of Business Development

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding VPs of Business Development is that they’re just another sales executive, like a Sales Director or VP of Sales. This is far from the truth.

5 min read

Vice President (VP) of People

The VP of People will oversee the end-to-end employee experience at their company. They may also be known by other job titles, such as VP of Human Resources, Head of People, or Director of Human Resources.

5 min read

Vice President (VP) of Marketing

The VP of Marketing is a senior manager who offers guidance for the whole marketing team. In some cases, the VP of Marketing works with a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), who represents the Marketing department at the C-suite level.

5 min read

What is a 401(k) at a Startup?

Having great benefits, like a 401k, is important for attracting & retaining talent in your startup. Read our guide to learn about offering a 401k at your startup.

6 min read

Stock Options in a Startup 101

One of the most popular benefits, especially for startups and tech companies, is stock options. For some early-stage startups, stock options might be the only employee benefits founders can afford.

7 min read

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The CFO is responsible for the financial performance of a company and is a pivotal member of the C-suite. Learn about their role, skills & what it takes to be a CFO.

4 min read

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

A CIO’s role is heavily focused on technology and how organizations use it internally. Read about a CIO’s responsibilities, skill sets, and what it takes to be a CIO.

4 min read

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

The CMO leads the marketing team of an organization and is a core part of the executive team. Learn more about the CMO’s role and the skills required to become one.

5 min read