How to attract great talent and boost your employer branding

8 Employee Benefits to Help Startups Attract the Best Talent

Explore some creative benefits startups can offer to attract top talent.

6 min read

22 Interview Questions to Ask a Job Candidate

Make the most of your interviews by asking your candidates the right questions.

11 min read

Why a Public Org Chart is Useful for Recruiting

Using an org chart can help candidates and recruiters alike track open positions and understand how they roll up to broader teams with an organization.

6 min read

How to Create a Positive Candidate Experience

Job candidates know they’ve got options. Improving your candidate’s experience will help you build trust and could help sway their decision to join or stay.

6 min read

How to Write a Good Job Description

Eight tips to help you turn a banal job posting into an exciting advertisement that will have the applicants rolling in.

7 min read

What to Look for When Reviewing Resumes

Learn how to streamline your resume sifting so you can get to prime candidates faster.

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11 Interview Tips for First-Time Hiring Managers

Gearing up for your first interview as a hiring manager? Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered.

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Top Employer Branding Trends in 2021

While it’s hard to see what the rest of the year will bring, we’ve compiled information from the first six months to bring you the top employer branding trends in 2021.

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How a Public Org Chart Will Help You Hire Better

While many platforms let you post jobs & find applicants, a public org chart can be a secret weapon to attracting great talent.

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How The Org Can Supercharge Your Hiring Process

Level up your employer branding and attract better talent for free with The Org.

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The Org’s Guide to Finding a Great Job

Do you want to work at a startup? Or want to see what it takes to get hired at a top tech company? Read all this and more in our guide to finding a great job.

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The Org's Guide to Hiring

You want top talent; we want to help you find it. Read our hiring guide to learn how to write job descriptions, find the right candidates and get them onboarded.

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