Org Charts

Why org charts matter and how to build them

Why Org Charts Are So Important for Startups

As your company begins to take root and grow, an org chart helps give your organization structure. As a result, employees in your company can be effectively managed, and newcomers can get a clear picture of what your organization is all about.

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Is A Company Org Chart Still Relevant?

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How to Build an Org Chart from Scratch

No matter the industry, all companies can benefit from an organizational chart. These charts outline company structure, work to manage workloads effectively and increase efficiency in the workplace.

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How a Public Org Chart Will Attract Investors

Organizational charts offer quite a few benefits for companies. They increase transparency, boost productivity, and attract better hires. But one of the biggest advantages of having a public org chart is that it can make your business more appealing to investors.

7 min read

How an Org Chart Helps You Build a Better Company Culture

Culture is one of the most important aspects of any company. Great company culture makes for a great company. Poor company culture, well…you get the idea.

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How a Public Org Chart Makes Your Job Easier

An organizational chart, or org chart, is a diagram that shows the structure of departments, teams, and employees within an organization—typically a company. You can think of it as a family tree for businesses.

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Why Companies Should Have a Public Org Chart

A public org chart offers many benefits beyond transparency. See how a public org chart can help your teams work better, hire better and even attract investment.

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Why Have an Organizational Chart?

Organizational charts have become commonplace for businesses of all sizes, helping show a company’s entire organizational structure, and where each employee fits in. There are many benefits of organizational charts, which can range from simple to sophisticated, and hold large amounts of information about the business, employees, and their work.

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The Best Organizational Chart Software of 2021

See our picks for the best org chart software of 2021. We cover the top 10 tools and their features so you can find the best org chart platform for your team.

10 min read

Types of Organizational Structures

Make sense of your organization by defining an organizational structure. Learn about the 3 main types of org structures and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

6 min read

What Is an Organizational Chart?

An org chart does more than organize your team’s roles & relationships. Learn about the types of org charts, what they’re used for, and how to create your own.

9 min read
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