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The Best Free Organizational Chart Software of 2022

We ranked and reviewed all of the best free tools on the market for making a business org chart.

10 min read

Six of the Most Typical Reporting Structures Startups Use

Reporting structures can help out with everything from setting clear responsibilities to guiding employees on who to go to with questions and challenges. Here are six of the most common structures and examples of companies that use them.

9 min read

How to Build an Amazing Marketing Team for Any Company

Learn how to build and scale a successful marketing team for your organization.

6 min read

How to Use a Public Org Chart to Land Your Dream Job

Learn how to flip an org chart around and use it as a powerful job applicant tool with The Org.

8 min read

What are Divisional Organizational Structures?

Your guide on what divisional organizational structures are and why organizations use them.

6 min read

What are Cross-Functional Teams?

Your guide on what cross-functional teams are, why they are used and how you can encourage collaboration at your organization.

7 min read

What is a Common Corporate Hierarchy?

We’re diving into the traditional system of organization businesses use to level their employees by authority and responsibility.

6 min read

How to Make an Organizational Chart

An org chart is a diagram that shows how roles and responsibilities are delegated inside an organization. Learn how to make one with The Org.

6 min read

What are Flat Organizational Structures, and How Do They Work?

Examining flat organizational structures in an org chart and how they are most commonly used.

7 min read

What Does a Typical Reporting Structure Look Like?

A reporting structure—sometimes known as employee structure—is how a company organizes and distributes responsibilities, including employee supervision. Every company is different, but let's break down the most common structure used at startups.

9 min read

How to Best Handle a Company Reorganization

Both structural organization and financial organization can be tricky to navigate at any company. Learn the difference between the two and how to best handle such a transformational time.

7 min read

How to Build an Org Chart from Scratch

No matter the industry, all companies can benefit from an organizational chart. These charts outline company structure, work to manage workloads effectively and increase efficiency in the workplace.

6 min read