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Stock Options in a Startup 101

One of the most popular benefits, especially for startups and tech companies, is stock options. For some early-stage startups, stock options might be the only employee benefits founders can afford.

7 min read

Parental Leave in a Startup

How to provide parental leave in a startup is a challenging question for many business owners. In most US States, startups with fewer than 50 employees are left to make up their parental leave policies.

6 min read

Everything You Need to Know to Build and Manage a Remote Team

An increase in remote work means managers are having to work with dispersed teams. Follow our guide to successfully hire new employees & manage your remote team.

6 min read

401k in a Startup

Having great benefits, like a 401k, is important for attracting & retaining talent in your startup. Read our guide to learn about offering a 401k at your startup.

6 min read

Understanding Health Insurance for Startups

Offering health benefits at your startup impacts how you attract & retain talent. Learn about what to consider when researching health insurance for a startup.

6 min read

How to Run Effective Virtual Meetings

Remote meetings don't have to be drab or time consuming. Use our guide improve your virtual meetings, making them more effective for you and your remote team.

9 min read

Tips for Better Communication with Remote Teams

With teams working across the country, and around the world, communication can be a challenge. Read our tips on how to better communicate with your remote team.

9 min read

What Is Conway’s Law?

Conway observed that a company's output reflects its internal structure. See how you can use Conway's Law to better structure your organization for success.

4 min read

The 9 Best Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

Remote teams face a number of challenges when it comes to collaboration. See our top picks for the best tools for remote teams to make working together easier.

10 min read

What is the Best Software for Transparent Companies?

Fostering transparency in your org takes time, but tools can make it easier. Learn about the best software for transparent companies & how they can give you an edge.

4 min read

Tips for Managing Remote Workers

Whether you’ve worked remote before or recently started, it creates challenges for team collaboration and productivity. Read our tips for managing your remote team.

5 min read

How to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Effective communication is one of the most vital aspects of a business. Learn how you and your teams can improve your communication in the workplace.

5 min read
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