How to Attract Talented Employees

A critical part of running a successful company is attracting and retaining the best employees. After all, the best employees are the best workers — having them is a competitive advantage in itself. Finding and keeping these employees can sound like a daunting task for many companies, but attracting talent to the organization doesn’t have to be difficult. This article will give you some tips on creative ways to attract candidates.

Top Ways to Attract Talent to Your Company

Have a public org chart

Attracting and retaining talent starts with letting applicants know what the company offers. Candidates must know the career development paths and opportunities available to them. Add open positions in the company’s organizational chart to help candidates see where they fit. This is how to attract talent by piquing candidates’ interest.

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Be clear about what you’re looking for

Being clear about the kind of people you’re looking for is another way of how to attract talented candidates. Let them know that you’re looking for them. Be explicit with details like work schedules and job descriptions. Present them in an interesting and friendly way to avoid intimidating applicants.

Ultimately, the goal of being specific and clear about your requirements is to attract and retain employees.

Make an impression

Creating a positive impression is essential for attracting the right people. Candidates do online research of a company’s reputation before deciding whether they'd apply. This isn’t about having a perfect social media image but about being authentic. Authenticity is acknowledging problems and concerns while simultaneously being transparent and willing to make changes. This can do a lot to create a positive reputation.

Also, being authentic and candid about your company’s culture and values would give candidates the chance to determine whether they’d like to be part of your organization or not.

Meanwhile, you can also create a great impression by showing off your brand. Create marketing ads that are striking to leave lasting impressions. Be sure to highlight the company's assets and the perks that employees may enjoy. Since digital marketing is powerful, the company would benefit from setting up a compelling careers page on its website and social media outlets.

Let the current team evangelize the company

Often, employee feedback is what attracts candidates to a company. To show why your company is a good workspace, let your employees espouse the company’s positive points. They are the ones who can animate the workplace and make candidates see who they will be working with.

You can bring the job description to life by giving your company a certain personality. Employees can help by posting about their activities in the workplace to make candidates see what it’s like to work in your business.

Why Attract Great Talent?

Attracting and retaining employees in a competitive world has outstanding long-term benefits. There is a dramatic direct correlation between the quality of talent and business performance. Based on studies, superior talent are up to eight times more productive compared to other employees. Top talent can, therefore, produce remarkable results.

During uncertain times, employers need to keep great talent to ensure the stability of their operations. When talented people are gainfully employed, they are less likely to resign. This will save the company from turnover costs. These employees may even take on extra tasks to help the business stay afloat.

Your employees can also be the source of referrals, helping you to continue to hire top talent. Great workers likely know other great workers andhey can connect you to the right people who can add more value to your business. This is a great way to attract diverse talents.

Competitive Examples & Insight

One way that your company can create a competitive advantage is by knowing how to attract employees to your business. Sometimes, this requires headhunting for talented employees and even “luring” them away from your competitors.

This begs the question of, “How to attract employees from competitors?” In most cases, you can attract talent by offering better pay and benefits. There are, however, companies that are more creative in this respect. Two of which are Heineken and L’Oreal. Both companies rely on their employer branding campaigns to make them stand out from other businesses.

With its “Go Places” campaign, Heineken wants talent to get the impression that their company has many unique personalities with great ambitions – all of whom are valid and celebrated. This creates a visual in the applicants’ minds about the exciting work environment at Heineken.

L’Oreal, on the other hand, has a solidified employee value proposition (EVP). From the start, it is keen on letting applicants know the values and culture they want for the company and their employees. L’Oreal’s main EVP tagline is: “A thrilling experience, a culture of excellence.” Most people like work environments that are challenging but also fun and supportive.