How to Get a Job at Apple

Apple, Inc. is touted as the world’s most valuable company. It’s also one of the top five biggest companies based on market capitalization. The company manufactures electronic devices and software programs as well as providing online services.

Given its business size and complexity, Apple employs thousands of people all across the United States. Jobs range from systems engineers, marketing associates, IT developers, and even lawyers.

Apple provides generous compensation packages and enviable perks and benefits like sizeable discounts for Apple products employees, and their families can enjoy.

Considering the company’s reputation, landing a job at Apple is not easy. Some say the difficulty level is akin to getting into UCLA, but not as hard as getting into Harvard. The acceptance rate is approximately 3%, and the retention rate is 80%. To be considered, a candidate needs strong qualifications and a great work ethic.

Here’s how to get a job at Apple:

Applying for the Job

You can find job openings and vacancies from the company’s recruitment page. When you’ve scanned through the open positions and find one you’re qualified for, fill out the application form. After, you will wait for a confirmatory response from HR personnel to proceed to the next step.

Aside from its careers page, Apple also distributes recruitment advertisements. It sends these ads to universities, traditional media houses, and online sites like Glassdoor or LinkedIn.

Like any other firm, Apple’s recruitment starts by perusing an applicants’ resume. If you want to try your luck at Apple, your resume should meet the essential qualification criteria specified in the job listing. Don’t try to over-impress in your resume. A good resume is brief, compact, and impactful. When it comes to references, Apple will only check them once you’ve passed the interviews.

Apple looks for people who are both capable and teachable. Apple likes candidates who are eager to learn and have a strong passion for innovation and sustainability. An applicant must also have skills that are relevant to the position they’re applying for. While work experience is an edge, anyone has a shot at the position they’re vying for as long as they’re willing to learn and grow.

Competition can be steep for each job vacancy at Apple. For this reason, you should do your best to stand out. To do this, you can demonstrate your leadership skills, curiosity, creativity, and ability to think outside the box. Apple values technical skills but not as much as creativity, curiosity, and ingenuity. Technical skills can be taught, but those other traits are harder to find in a candidate.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process at Apple is long, competitive, and rigorous. Applicants are first pre-qualified. Recruiters assess they have the minimum qualifications required for the role they’re applying for. Those who pass the pre-qualifying stage will be invited to a hiring event for their first interview.

Senior staff will ask more questions about their skills and experiences during the first interview. During this round, applicants must convince the interviewers why they’re a good fit for the position.

Each interview stage will have its own goal. For each level, applicants who don’t meet the required skills or attributes won’t be asked to continue. For this reason, applicants need to prepare well for each round. Interviewers will ask hard, technical questions. They’ll also ask questions meant to test your presence of mind and ability to make decisions under pressure.

Apple has designed the interview questions to highlight specific attributes from applicants. These attributes are decision-making skills, curiosity, creativity, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skills. When answering, it’s also a good idea to let the interviewer know that you value teamwork.

Applicants can also prepare for these interviews by learning about Apple and what the brand represents. They must know what Apple is passionate about. They should know about its goals and advocacies as they may be asked about this information about the company, during the interview. Candidates must also be familiar with the operations and organizational structure of Apple even during the application process.

What Happens Next

Candidates who pass the interviews will have their background information checked. Those who have no issues during this stage will likely receive an employment offer. Those who don’t make it will still be informed of the company’s decision.

If you don’t make the cut during the first—or even second—time, don’t lose hope. You can reapply as the company doesn’t have a freeze or blacklist period. The applicant’s previous application record will be on file and accessible to the hiring personnel. Some even go for interviews with different teams to increase their chances of securing a job at Apple.

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