How To Get A Job at Spotify

How Hard Is It To Get a Job at Spotify?

According to their HR Blog, Spotify sees about 350,000 resumes a year. With only 206 current job openings on their website, your chances may seem quite slim. However, you can rest assured that each application is given the time and attention it deserves.

Some applicants have found that a more informal approach works just as well. Some have even tweeted their cover letter or resumes and scored interviews that way. Where Can You Find Spotify Job Opportunities? Spotify job opportunities can be found on their jobs website and in informal meetups and network events. On their website, you can search for careers by location, category, and job type. With dozens of openings worldwide, landing a job with Spotify is sure to broaden your horizons.

What Do You Need When Applying for a Job at Spotify?

When applying for a job at Spotify, you’ll need a standout resume that highlights all your best assets as a potential employee. They ask that all resumes are submitted in English. They encourage you to include a summary of your professional career at the beginning of your resume.

Being that Spotify is a music company, an interest in music and tech wouldn’t hurt.

What is Spotify Looking for in an Employee?

Spotify is looking for employees that are passionate and hardworking. They want their employees to bring a new, fresh way of thinking to the company. People that can create impactful and innovative ideas will fit right in.

If you’re a fresh grad, don’t let a lack of experience hold you back from applying. Spotify’s internship programs are known for being a haven of learning and working with teams to make a change in the music world. Not only this, but it’s common for interns to be hired after showcasing their skills during their internship program.

What Does Spotify’s Hiring Process Look Like?

Spotify’s hiring process can be broken down into three steps. The introductory phone call, a portfolio review done via video call, and a day of on-site interviews.

  1. Introductory phone call: During this phone call, you’ll be invited to share with them what you hope to gain from a role with Spotify. They’ll want to hear briefly about your skillset, what you enjoy working on, and the areas in which you wish to grow. The Spotify band manifesto will come up multiple times during this conversation, so make sure you’ve read it. They’ll be checking to see if you match up with their company’s values and culture.
  2. Portfolio video call: Next, you’ll meet with the Talent Acquisition rep and a member of the team you’re applying for. They’ll pick a few of your projects and have you walk them through your thought process from beginning to end. To shine in this area, don’t hold back details about how you reached your final decision. They want to know how you approach your work and the different approaches you take.
  3. On-Site Interviews: You’ll meet with tech and design partners that you would be collaborating with if hired, and walk them through your portfolio once again. Be prepared to answer questions and think on your feet. You’ll also be asked to complete a real-time design exercise to solve a Spotify design challenge.

What Should I Do if Spotify Doesn’t Hire Me?

If Spotify turns you down, don’t throw in the towel will all things tech. There are hundreds of other companies out there with dozens of online job listings.

If you could use some help with your job hunt, the public org charts we post are a great way to connect with potential employers. Just check to see if any businesses have added open positions to their org chart, and if you find any that sound good, you can apply right here on The Org.

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