The Best Press Release Software

1. The Org

The Org is a platform that enables you to build your own public org chart. You can also post company news, announce hires and open positions, and have your company’s information and press all on one page.

The Org offers free and unlimited company announcements through it’s Wires platform. Unlike other press release software, the team at The Org can also write your announcements for you. All you need to do is send your story with a few notes, and they’ll draft the rest within 72 hours. From there, it will be published as a Wire and shared on The Org, which has an audience of hundreds of thousands each month.

Users like: It's an easy way to show all the exciting developments happening at your company easily. There’s a wide distribution network, which is great, and it serves as an essential recruiting tool since job candidates get a better idea of what’s happening at the company.

Price: Free

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2. Cision: PRNewswire

Cision has been an industry giant for many years now, and PR NewsWire is one of its best-known products.

PR Newswire is a press release platform that markets itself as an all-in-one- solution. It’s consistently ranked as one of the best options available and it distributes press releases to a larger database than other platforms, thanks to its tenure in the industry. The Cision: PRNewswire platform also provides opportunities to monitor print and online distribution.

Users like: It’s a credible and established PR industry tool that’s easy to scale up and down as needed.

Price: Pricing varies. Annual subscriptions are $179. Individual press release distributions are $355.

3. Newswire

Newswire is another established press release distribution software company. Their platform is easy to use and has a wide-ranging distribution base thanks to its years of experience. Newswire receives consistent praise for their dedicated customer service and attention to concerns and complaints. Newswire is also relatively inexpensive compared to other press release submission software.

Users like: It’s a cost-effective press release distribution software that also offers premium features, making it the best of both worlds.

Price: Starts at $199 for a single press release distribution campaign, with bulk discounts offered.

4. Prowly

Prowly isn’t just a press release distribution platform; it’s a little more thoughtful. Prowly aims to simplify the process of writing and distributing press releases and gives you tools for creating visual press releases. Prowly also offers additional features, such as targeted PR pitching and online newsrooms.

Users like: Users like the advanced filters to find journalists and deploy targeted campaigns. Prowly also has features to make embedding and sending press releases seamless and easy.

Price: Basic subscriptions are $179 per month for small businesses, $298 for PR agencies and teams, and $548 for enterprise clients

5. PR Distribution

Another established global press release distribution software, PR Distribution has been around for almost two decades. It’s still considered one of the best due to its extensive media contact list, including industry-specific contacts and national and local options. PR Distribution is an affordable option for both small businesses and enterprise level organizations, which is another bonus. PR Distribution also offers additional services, such as offering editing and proofreading support when writing press releases.

Users like: PR Distribution is an industry establishment that holds a lot of credibility while remaining affordable.

Price: Web distribution starts at $99, multi-wire distribution begins at $399.

6. Prezly

Prezly, like Prowly, in some ways, is designed to optimize workflows as an all-in-one solution. They provide customizable tools to brand press releases and add multimedia elements. They offer standard distribution services, email campaigns, and interactive newsrooms. Prezly is one of the best press release distribution platforms due to its useful features, such as auto-scheduling press release distribution and providing powerful analytics.

Users like: Prezly is a new generation of press release distribution software that allows users to host and distribute branded press releases easily.

Price: Professional plans for small teams are $270 per month, agency plans are $420 per month.

7. Presspage

Presspage is an easy to use press release submission platform. They host a large database of global media and influencers for press release distribution and users can host branded newsrooms, distribute press releases, manage databases, and track media campaign performances. All content is search engine optimized, which is a major bonus. There’s also a lot of room for users to experiment with different types of press releases and distribution options.

Users like: Presspage allows users to simplify their press release distribution workflow, and it’s easy to use.

Price: Professional plans are $399 a month, premium plans are $799 a month.

8. Pitchengine

Relatively new, PitchEngine is getting a lot of traction for its features and affordability. PitchEngine offers an automated press release creation process. Users can reuse elements such as contact information and company descriptions easily and choose from a multitude of pitch styles. Pitchengine is a press release distribution platform that’s taken a slightly different approach by offering products such as TinyPitch, which creates small versions of press releases using just email.

Users like: There’s room for customization and many elements to make press releases and pitches stand out. Easy features that don’t need a lot of training to grasp.

Price: Basic plans are $14.95 a month, PR toolkits are $49 a month, and agency plans are $149 a month.

Choosing the Best Press Release Platform

Choosing the right press release software is about evaluating your business needs and what kind of coverage you’re seeking. Press release distribution is a strategic choice, and different platforms have different capabilities in terms of reach and outlets available. When evaluating software, look at:

  • Who their database consists of (i.e., journalists, businesses, influencers?)
  • Whether they offer just distribution or tools to create and manage press releases and PR assets
  • What analytics data is offered
  • Cost-effectiveness vs. needed features. Each press release software prices differently, so you’ll need to prioritize what features you need and measure cost against its importance.

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