What is the Best Software for Transparent Companies?

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Why companies need to embrace transparency

Transparency fosters trust

Transparency provides a solid foundation for all employees. When information about the inner workings of a company is readily available, employees can feel confident and easily get on board with new decisions being made by the leadership teams.

Along with employees, valued customers who feel like they can trust a brand are more likely to stick around. Transparency assures them that they are putting faith in real people who have a clear view of their interests.

Breeds innovation through communication

Many companies only offer employees knowledge on a “need-to-know” basis. Although managers may not want to raise an issue without having a solution, this negatively impacts the communication chain. When communication is clear and transparent, and information is freely shared throughout the organization, the team members all have a chance to provide solutions. This collaborative effort propels them to work harder for the greater good of the company.

Introduces Familiarity Between Colleagues

Some employees may work at a company for years and still be unacquainted with colleagues in other departments. To find an answer to a simple question, they may need to contact several team members in various departments to locate the right person. Not only does this negate productivity, but it hampers a sense of familiarity between workmates. A transparent organization results in employees who feel connected to their team members and have a better understanding of the various teams and roles within the company.

The Best Software for Transparent Companies

To help foster transparency, create new forms of communication, and empower your teams, a variety of tools can be used. Here are our picks for the best software for transparent companies:

The Org

The Org is a platform that pioneers transparency by displaying a public org chart for companies. Potential hires see who would be on their team, permitting them to determine if they would be a good fit during the interview process. The Org encourages showing off the unsung members of your team while creating a welcoming atmosphere for new ones.

Unlike typical organizational software, The Org does not withhold features from clients who choose one of their tiered options. Whether you want to post a job opening, commend a colleague, or simply display your team, The Org lets you do it all — for free.

Pricing: Free

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Pingboard prides itself on ensuring that employees feel empowered and connected. Known for providing increased transparency, streamlined onboarding, and increasing team connections, Pingboard aims to provide employees with information when they need it the most.

To help leaders better connect with their team members, a Who’s Who quiz is provided to assist members in becoming better acquainted. Their org chart software has integration capabilities with HR and IT, providing real-time employees updates for everyone.

Pricing: Pingboard runs on a tiered pricing plan. They have two options:

  • Team - 50 users/$99 a month
  • Company - 100 users/$199 a month (add more users for $1 each)
  • A free trial is also available.


Marketed as the “The HR software with heart”, BambooHR was built to give employees the most enjoyable HR experience possible.

They provide all users with an optional implementation process to assist them in transporting their organization’s current data into their Bamboo HR package. Additional tools like customer success webinars, applicant tracking systems, and partner integrations make Bamboo HR a valuable platform for transparent companies.

Pricing: Similar to Pingboard, BambooHR has two packages - Essential & Advantage. Contact Bamboo HQ directly to receive a quote.

Transparency can have unparalleled benefits for your organization. Now that you’re familiar with the advantages, why not invest in software to take your company to new heights?

The Org can help your company become more transparent, creating better relations inside and out of the office. Click here to get started.

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