Data Shows Tech Workers Support Big Tech Break Up

George PaulFeatures

Big tech, like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, touches almost every aspect of modern life for both companies and consumers. And while their offerings can be convenient, their omnipresence has also spurred regulatory quandaries that still haven’t been solved.

Regulators around the world are looking at solutions on how to rein in big tech companies for their use of offshore tax havens to their allegedly anti-competitive behavior. In the US, the question is currently in front of Congress, spurring an army of lobbyists and PR gurus to mobilize in defense of their clients in Silicon Valley.

These efforts have resulted in an array of positive press for tech companies, like this poll commissioned by the Chamber of Progress, a tech industry trade group, which found that while voters generally support some form of increased tech regulation, they rank it as a low priority for lawmakers. Voters also apparently flipped their opinions to oppose greater tech regulations after learning it could negatively impact Amazon Prime and Basics as well as the visibility of Google Maps in Google search results.

However, a damning statistic for big tech comes from Fishbowl, an app that allows users to anonymously leave feedback for their companies and have safe discussions with other professionals in their industry.

According to Fishbowl’s data, a majority (60%) of US tech workers support antitrust legislation to break up big tech companies, the fourth-highest level of support behind workers in the law (67%), consulting (62%), and finance (61%) industries.

This high level of support for breaking up tech behemoths, like Amazon or Google, from those allegedly in the know will likely be hard for companies to shake off as ostensibly these respondents rely on the success of big tech for their income, insurance, and more.

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