Executive profile - Libby Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer at Alteryx

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Libby Duane Adams, Chief Customer Officer at Alteryx

Meet Libby Duane Adams of Alteryx, one of the few women in tech to take their company public.

Libby is the Chief Customer Officer and co-founder of Alteryx, a leading data analytics software company that provides strategic analytics software for companies making decisions about how to expand and grow.

Libby is responsible for overseeing the complete Alteryx customer experience, from engagement to on-boarding, communications, performance and retention.

It’s her job to identify where there are issues or areas of improvement in Alteryx’s service and technology, to ensure they are delivering the best possible service available in the market.

Libby says the Chief Customer role is an essential one for companies planning to scale. She truly believes that growth can only happen by delighting customers, whether it's a B2B company like Alteryx, or B2C company.

She says customers are the most important asset of any organization. “It is not investors that are most important. It is not the Board Of Directors who are most important, it is customers,” she says.

Libby has always worked in technology and data analytics, on the business side. She developed a passion for working with customers firstly in a support role, and then eventually onto the sales side where she worked for 15 years, which led her to co-founding Alteryx in 1997. She initially served as VP of Marketing, then went on to become CCO in 2011.

“Having the privilege of developing people skills showed me the path from customer service into sales and then on to CCO”, she said.

“Having a curious nature has always helped me. Never being afraid to ask ‘why’ or ‘why not’ or ‘how’ has also been a critical factor in where I am now”, she said.

One of Libby’s proudest achievements is taking Alteryx public in 2017, alongside her founding counterparts, CEO Dean Stoecker and Ned Harding, the company’s retired CTO. Libby is one of only a handful of female founders to take a technology company public. She says it was a “huge career achievement, that I feel fortunate to have been a part of.”

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As a champion of empowering women in tech - another of Libby’s proudest career achievements is founding the Women in Analytics initiative at Alteryx, which empowers and brings awareness to the significance of women in STEM, and help them develop career-altering data and leadership skills. Launched in 2017, the initiative continues to grow, and now boasts multiple regional chapters.

Libby is fortunate enough to love her work - mainly, she says, because she works with people who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. “Our team is so passionate about how our analytics platform is changing peoples’ lives because they hear about the customer successes and they want to help more companies and people be successful.”

“I am incredibly passionate about my work and that gives me the will to succeed, work hard, contribute and to make a real difference.”

She says the hardest part of her job is speaking with people who are newer to the analytics community because there is just so much ground to cover.


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