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Good Monday

We met with Mik Stroyberg, CEO & co-Founder of Good Monday, for a chat about hiring the right people for a startup. Stroyberg is a serial entrepreneur who started his career at Berlingske Media and Issuu before founding Lemonsqueeze in New York City which was sold to Knotel in 2017. He recently co-founded Good Monday with Morten Meisner to change office management.

Good Monday is a digital office management system taking care of all office related needs. The team at Good Monday know that a well-managed office increases effectivity, raises morale and inspires great work culture. But, managing the office is time consuming and involves stressful coordination and administration of many services and putting out fires, thus robbing management and employees of their valuable time. The Good Monday platform allows access to a personal dashboard on the go, giving a full overview of services, expenses and orders. Now you can focus on running your business and not the office.. Good Monday is currently active in Denmark but will expand to other European capitals next year.

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We met with Stroyberg to ask him why he chose a career in startups and what he looks for when hiring people.

How did you become a Founder?

I started my career as an intrapreneur at Berlingske Media where I became Director of “Non-Traditional Revenue” where I started digital projects next to Berlingske’s core business of subscriptions and advertising sales. I launched over 12 different projects but I always felt I had to “cheat the system” to get things done. A good example of this was when we had to find a name for a new company that we were working on. We weren’t allowed to call it anything in English because we were a Danish company so I just made sure to spend a lot of money on the brand identity using an English name so it would be too expensive to change.

I then switched to Issuu (a digital publishing platform) to help them expand to the US - first in New York and then in Palo Alto. I was contacted by a lot of other companies asking me if I could help them with their US expansion as well. That lead my to founding Lemonsqueeze which was a company that helped Danish companies set up in the US. We sold the company to Knotel in 2017 but I left after 6 months because I knew that I wanted to start something new.

Why did you choose to work on Good Monday?

I had a list of companies that I wanted to start and I teamed up with Morten Meisner to wireframe and test some of the ideas including what would become Good Monday. We realized that office management was “blue ocean” in Europe but if it was going to happen then it had to happen now. My family and I had already discussed returning to Denmark within a few years but this idea meant accelerating these plans. So we literally packed a container and flew to Denmark on the same day.

What do you look for when you hire for a startup?

I look for a certain type of person that can’t be described in a job description. You can teach people skills but not personality so I look for great people that I would want to work with. I might not even know what department they will fit into so we just bring them in and let them work with us for a while. Then we figure out where the person fits in the best.

I think the personality type of Founders is very similar to people who want to work at a startup. Some people like cleaning a dirty floor because they can see it gets cleaner while other people like a clean floor that they can make even cleaner. People we’re hiring right now know that everything behind the scenes is chaos and enjoy that part of the job. When you reach 30 or 40 people then you start seeing a new type of person that are more operators and optimizers. Right now it is big swings and you need to do things that isn't stated in the job description.

If you want to work for Good Monday then just contact me!


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