Shortcut Made its First Acquisition in Sweden After Just Two Months of Opening an Office in the Country

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Mobile app consultancy Shortcut Sweden has acquired mobile app designer Dynamo after just two months of operation. Image Source: Shutterstock.

Mobile app consultancy Shortcut Sweden has acquired mobile app designer Dynamo after just two months of operation.

"That is actually crazy now that I'm reflecting, but it's true," Gabriel Sabadin, CEO of Shortcut Sweden, told The Org. "When I opened up Shortcut in Sweden, our goal was to reach 15 employees in our first year and we thought maybe we were too ambitious."

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Gabriel Sabadin, CEO of Shortcut Sweden. Image Source: Shortcut.

How it all started

Founded in Norway, Shortcut launched its first app in 2008 and has gone on to become the largest app developers in the country. In 2019, the startup set up its first office outside of Oslo, opening a headquarters in Copenhagen.

Fast forward two years, and Shortcut has expanded its Scandavian adventure opening the Sweden office in April 2021.

Sabadin told The Org his initial plan was never to open a Shortcut office, rather he was looking to build his own business after working as a software engineer and consultant for over a decade. At the time, he was interested in hiring a Shortcut employee.

"He denied and said, 'No, I love my job’," Sabadin said. "So I reached out to the founder of the company and asked, ‘Could you tell me what your secret is?’"

Sabadin met Marius Mathiesen, the founder and group CEO of Shortcut, and said the pair instantly clicked, sharing a similar vision and strategy for their work.

Skills focused leadership

An essential piece of advice Mathiesen shared with Sabadin was the importance of building an executive team that was familiar with the technology.

"When you have experience, you know the struggles it takes to succeed," Sabadin said.

Most of Shortcut's executive team had previously worked as engineers. Sabadin said he believed that understanding app development was what guided the company to become a leader in the software industry.

After developing a solid relationship, Mathiesen asked Sabadin how they could combine their vision and work together.

"The only condition was that I didn't want to move anymore, so instead of going to Norway, we decided to open an office in Sweden," Sabadin said.

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Shortcut Team in Sweeden. Image Source: Shortcut.

Building a strong culture

Within just a month of operating, and with only two employees, the Swedish chapter of the company signed four contracts with clients and spent the next month focusing heavily on recruitment. Sabadin said finding the right applicants would be critical to the success of his company.

"Initially I felt we would hire more experienced developers and designers, but we received some impressive applications from junior developers, who were extremely excited about the product," he said. "I felt they have a lot of potential, I don't want to hire people just so that we can generate more revenue, I want to create a very strong culture that we can then grow substantially."

Shortcut Sweden has since tripled in size and will soon be a team of ten people. With its recent acquisition of Dynamo, the company hopes to strengthen its presence in the industry.

Dynamo focuses on designing and developing mobile applications. The Stockholm based company currently has 25 employees, and has become one of the fastest growing companies in the digital transformation space.

"My new goal would be to focus on gaining synergy between the existing teams, so that we can all become an extended family," Sabadin said.

Now, with Shortcut's acquisition of Dynamo, the company is in a position to explore sustainable digital strategies.

"Every business in every industry needs to contribute to become more sustainable, and we are looking forward to continuing the work that Dynamo has started under its digital sustainability strategy," Mathiesen said in a press release.


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