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When you think of org charts, what image comes to mind?

Is it a sprawling database that lives in a stale Excel file on some HR leader’s desktop? Or do you see a fully-flushed out tree of all the people in your organization connected to one another? Both exist, and which one you get depends on the type of org chart software that was used to make it.

Org chart software is the brick-and-mortar for any people-driven organization. Thanks to the hybrid-work revolution and a general boom in venture funding for HR tech, startups and large businesses alike no longer have to rely on outdated and expensive software programs like Microsoft Excel or Visio as their only option to build org charts. There are hundreds of great programs built with the sole purpose of creating org charts in mind.

But with all these options available, sifting through this noise can be time-consuming. Taking shortcuts and ending up with the wrong program for your company’s needs can be even worse, as it leads to headaches and miscommunication down the road.

That’s where we come in to help. We’ve scoured the internet to find, review, compare and contrast the most popular tools to build org charts for any kind of company.

Whether you are an HR leader tasked with keeping an internal log of your people, a founder that wants to see how their company can scale or a talent specialist looking for innovative ways to attract and inform new candidates of your brand, discover the different options

14 articles in this Deep Dive