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Looking to Work Remotely? Here Are The Fully Remote Companies Hiring Now

By George Paul

Last updated: Apr 26, 2023

If you find yourself thinking about joining the remote work movement, check out these startups that have fully embraced remote roles.

Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images
Credit: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that remote work is here to stay.

The once-niche work setup unexpectedly reached the masses in March 2020 with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it’s slowly fading, as employers increasingly push workers back to their desks part- or full-time. But it will be hard to put the genie back in the bottle.

A significant portion of workers don’t want to return to their offices. At home, many employees have been able to spend more time with their families, claw back hours spent commuting and achieve higher productivity.

At least 45% of current remote workers have reported a willingness to jump into the red-hot job market to find new opportunities that will allow them to keep their remote designation.

If you find yourself among them, or are even thinking about joining the remote work movement, check out these startups that have fully embraced remote roles.


Air is a Creative Ops System designed for marketers that has raised over $28 million in total funding. The startup was founded in 2017 by Shane Hegde and Tyler Strand and now counts over fully remote 40 employees.

The marketing tech company initially operated out of a warehouse in Brooklyn, but now only hires for remote roles, meaning employees can work worldwide. “At Air we believe creative work can happen from anywhere,” the company told The Org.

To support its workers, Air provides its far-flung workforce with laptops, keyboards, mice and monitor cables and dongles. Each employee is also entitled to $250 per calendar year for any additional equipment they might need, such as desks, laptop stands and headphones.

The company’s distributed workforce hasn’t eroded its community-centric culture. Air hosts trivia nights, cocktail-making classes and escape rooms to keep its company culture alive. It also plans in-person collaboration opportunities such as monthly "warehouse days" in New York City and San Francisco, which “bring colleagues together to work and hang out in cool coworking spaces.”

Interested in working for Air? Check out their open roles on The Org:


PadSplit is disrupting the affordable housing industry with safe, attractive and respectable co-living environments. The company is also hiring remote staff to help grow its platform that allows users to rent rooms within apartments and homes.

Founded in 2017, PadSplit finished 2021 with more than 3,400 available units, three times as many units as it had the year before. Last year, the company also expanded into seven new markets: Houston, Richmond, Tampa, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Dallas and Jacksonville.

The company touts a fully distributed team and with a range of benefits including a "be reasonable" vacation policy and 12 weeks of paid parental leave. In conversation with The Org, Director of People Operations Kadijah Hall called PadSplit a “great remote workplace” and highlighted the company’s globally diverse team and flexible vacation policy.

Interested in working for PadSplit? Check out their open roles on The Org:


Prefect is a dataflow automation platform that got its start in Washington, D.C. but now operates a largely remote workforce. The company, which raised a $32 million Series B funding round in June 2021, saw 90% of its applicants accept job offers over the last year. The company attributes this high acceptance rate to its clearly defined expectations; in fact, the company asks managers to create a 90-day plan of outcomes for a position so potential employees have complete clarity on what will be asked from them.

“When we actually make an offer to a candidate, sure, sometimes it might take a while, but we are very confident that they will sign because we’ve had a chance to really fairly assess: Is this candidate the right person for the right problem?” COO Sarah Moses explained to Techinal.ly. “And they’ve also had a chance to assess: Is Prefect the right place for me to be, and are these the problems I want to be solving?”

The company’s remote-first culture is apparent when a candidate joins as they have access to a one-time $500 stipend to set up their home office, a $300 per month stipend for “whatever you need to work comfortably,” which could include internet, equipment or even coffee. The company also boasts about its virtual reality hangouts and collaboration opportunities, happy hours, and the four to six care packages it sends its employees each year.

Interested in working for Prefect? Check out their jobs on The Org:


Maze is a product research platform and user-experience testing solutions provider that counts more than 2,000 users, including top tech companies like Uber, eBay, IBM and Microsoft.

The Series A startup might have been founded in the U.K., but its remote work policy means its employees can be located around the world. To ensure its global workforce stays cohesive, Maze’s team comes together during an all-hands quarterly meeting, called The Amazing Time, and in yearly week-long off-site meetings.

Maze’s VP of People, April Hoffbauer, told The Org that the backbone to maintaining an asynchronous workforce is flexibility and trust.

“Maze is human-led by design, embracing the individuals — including their strengths and vulnerabilities — that make up our remote team,” Hoffbauer said. “We empower everyone to be independent, to contribute when and how works best for them, and to ask for help when needed, enabling them to bring their best selves to work everyday – no matter the hour, geography, or time zone."

Interested in working for Maze? Check out their open roles on The Org:

DoiT International

Founded in 2009, DoiT International is a remote-first cloud service and consulting company with openings around the world.

DoiT’s approach to remote-first approach to roles is slightly different from other companies on our list, and though roles are 100% remote, they are region-locked. For instance, a candidate applying for DoiT’s listing for a Staff Cloud Architect, Canada, can work from anywhere in the Great White North, but must be within the country.

However, no matter where an employee is located, they are told to work flexible working hours with a focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance—a policy that the company said has led to greater employee engagement and work productivity.

"DoiT International is loosely coupled, but tightly aligned,” a DoiT representative explained to The Org. The company’s remote-first environment allows its employees, called Do’ers, “to spend time with their families, travel, and concentrate on what is important to them; not just work.”

Interested in working for DoiT International? Check out their open roles on The Org:


Tonic.ai is a Series B startup that is helping engineers create synthetic data sets to securely test their software without the hassle of configuring existing customer data. The company, which works with tech companies like eBay, Flexport and Oscar, has quadrupled its revenue over the past year and is investing in growing its remote-first team.

While the company has offices in Atlanta and Seattle, it considers itself to be remote first and provides a quarterly stipend for home office expenses. Tonic.ai also offers unlimited vacation and regularly scheduled happy hours.

Interested in working for Tonic.ai? Check out their open roles on The Org:

The Brag House

The Brag House is a college-oriented eSports platform for casual gamers, streamers and fans to play, engage and win prizes. The company, which got its start in 2020 and raised $5 million in October 2021, currently has offices in the U.S. and U.K. but is hiring for fully-remote roles.

"At Brag House we truly live our mission from the inside out, which is to empower people to interact,” a company representative told The Org. “As the premier social networking esports platform, we make it our business to help people connect and find ways to do so more effectively. Everything we do is to empower and grow community, and that starts with our employees.”

Interested in working for The Brag House? Check out their open roles on The Org:

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