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Org chart

Mark Eldridge
Founder & CEO
David Bruner
Co-Founder & VP Business Development
Matt Ovanes
Co-Founder & President Expansion and Development
Jon Kujala
VP, Operations
Nick Vignone
Senior Director
Keith Moreland
Senior Director
Nate Rose
Director of Government
Kyle Ketcham
Director of Business Technology
Michael O’Brien
Director of HCIT & Security Sales
Andrew Regan
Director of Regional Training Centers
Patty Blanchard
Director of Medical Device Recruiting
Tyler Boyle
Director of Pharmaceutical Recruiting
Tarah Lovato
Director of Pharmaceutical Sales
Nathan Rose
Director, Government
James Cassin-Reed
Director, ERP Sales

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Nick Dempster
Payroll Manager
Rachel Farmer
Cerner Sales Manager
Dan Lyons
Epic Sales Manager
Tyler Bush
Director of Healthcare IT Recruiting
Anna Kochien
Personnel Services Manager
Zach Stevens
Client Services Manager
Tim Lysaught
Cerner Recruiting Manager
Tyson Ashcraft
Security Recruiting Manager
Delaney Bradley
Internal Recruiting Manager
Kristina Zoto
Medical Device Sales Manager
Stephanie Heyner
Recruiting Manager
Bob Cordaro
Director Of Medical Device Sales
Rebecca Crossley
Marketing Manager
ryan woelfel
Unknown Role