Zendesk Administrator - Technical Project Manager - Customer Experience


Role: Zendesk Administrator - Technical Project Manager - Customer Experience

Reporting to: Director of Customer Experience

Location: New York, NY

As a member of the Kairos family, Bilt has created the rewards program for the next generation of credit cardholders and homebuyers. Our co-branded credit card allows renters to earn points and rewards by paying rent that can, in turn, be used towards future travel, home decor, rent credits, or even a down payment on a home.

With homeownership among millennials staggeringly low, and housing costs climbing by the day, our generation is renting longer, and paying more, than any other in US history. Compounded by the fact that home prices are significantly outpacing median income growth, first-time homeownership has never been more difficult - with all of this in mind, Bilt has the potential to be transformative for an entire generation and beyond. 

Come be a part of something that will be fun for most, travel-related for others, and life-changing for some.


  • A successful candidate will have experience working with no-code integration tools and the Zendesk API directly, and know when to leverage each method to solve a problem quickly and effectively
  • Purpose Driven: 2+ years of experience in delivering outcomes in Zendesk
  • You have run an integration project and have audited and optimized Zendesk to benefit all teams involved
  • Able to work cross functionally with product, engineering, marketing and customer experience teams


  • Own the design, configuration, and maintenance of our Zendesk instance and associated integrations - including triggers, automation, macros, queries, and dashboards
  • Be the primary technical point of contact with third-party system providers connected to Zendesk
  • Develop reporting capabilities and KPIs for all Zendesk users
  • Implement and automate workflows within and across systems
  • Develop automation scripts that reduce frequent or time-consuming manual tasks
  • Serve as the primary system administrator for the Zendesk environment
  • Continuously improve the Zendesk platform and related customer support tools to manage our growing customer base and product portfolio
  • Design and implement contact forms, including triggers, conditional fields, etc
  • Work with Knowledge Management to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience using Answer Bot and other "zero-touch" support tools, e.g. contextual help, product guides, etc
  • Be the resident expert on all features for Zendesk Support, Guide, Chat, and Explore
  • Collaborate with various teams to define processes, establish KPIs, and evaluate CSAT metrics to proactively address customer needs
  • Metrics Mindset: You believe success is a measured outcome, and have built Zendesk Explore dashboards to very clearly display that success and what can