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Butter Adds Andrea Amorós as User Research Manager

Butter Adds Andrea Amorós as User Research Manager, Butter

Video conferencing company Butter has announced the appointment of Andrea Amorós as its new User Research Manager. Andrea is an experienced designer and strategist, bringing a rounded skillset and an outgoing personality to Butter’s team.

Andrea came across Butter after attending a webinar about service design. The webinar hosts offered to follow up calls to talk about the topics raised, and it was there where Andrea was introduced to the company for the first time.

“I was really open to connecting with new people, so I had a chat with them, and one of them knew Butter. He told me they were looking for a UX research manager, so I checked it out, and now I'm here.”

Andrea was looking for a position based remotely, where she could work internationally with people all over the world. Butter’s remote workplace was an immediate attraction, as she could stay in Barcelona and connect with its global staff base.

“I feel really aligned with the culture of the company, and that’s really important to me. They are so cool, both in terms of the people and the product. I've also been holding workshops in this area since I finished university four years ago. So I felt really aligned straight away.”

In her role, Andrea is focused on understanding what are the new features and improvements Butter should do to enhance the overall user experience. She says it’s important to make these types of improvements in a considered way that’s backed up by insights, not feedback.

“Feedback is when you listen to a specific customer, and they complain or someone requests a new feature, for example, but insight is much more strategic, and represents a higher percentage of your customers.”

Andrea is a passionate mental health advocate, which she learned from her Mom, who’s a mental health coach. She’s passionate about helping people to find their purpose, and she holds some lectures/conferences at different universities around that topic.

“It starts with self-awareness. Through design thinking workshops, I help students to understand themselves better. What things make them excited, what they are passionate about, and then helping them to connect that with their careers.”

As well as that, Andrea teaches in a local design university a course in user research.

Andrea describes herself as an outgoing person, and she loves spending time in nature. That includes hiking with her friends and boyfriend, as well as going to sunrise yoga classes at the beach.

She’s also an enthusiastic reader and says her favorite books are Linchpin by Seth Godin and Las Voces del Desierto by Morgan Marlo.

Butter is hiring, come join the team!

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Team announcement

Butter Has Added Kyle Foo as Tech Lead

Butter Has Added Kyle Foo as Tech Lead

One of the co-founders of video conferencing platform Butter has turned to an old colleague to help the company evolve its technology. Kyle Foo, who met Butter co-founder Adam Wan through his own startup a few years ago, will work alongside Adam as a Tech Lead in the engineering department. “We trust each other, and we work well together,” Kyle says. “We reconnected at the end of last year and Adam asked me whether I'm okay to help him out with Butter. It's a really interesting product, and I don't mind helping at all.” Kyle is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he was born and raised before he moved to the United States to study. He earned a degree in Computer Engineering from California State University and worked on a few side projects before moving home in 2015. He founded his own startup and has worked in a range of other tech roles before joining Butter in March 2021. “The good thing about working remotely with Butter is that we’re a remote-first company,” he says. “A lot of the process for new staff has been well thought-through already. We communicate as much as possible and write a lot of documents, which is a good thing because it helps us to see how things progress. We also have regular meetups and social events, virtually, of course, to keep our team bonding strong.” Kyle got into engineering through his brother, who is much older than him, and works as a designer. “He was a big influence on me. I learned design before learning programming because right after I designed something, I needed to make it into a real product or software, or website. So I picked up programming on the side, but turning my design into an actual website really got me motivated that I was able to showcase things that I'd done online.” In his role at Butter, Kyle is focused on front end and mobile development, making online workshops as smooth as possible. He sees workplaces becoming increasingly remote in the future, which presents opportunities for Butter to evolve and satisfy the growing need for online conferencing technology. “Our aim is to bring Butter into the next milestone. To be able to serve more people and to be a really competitive product that we can be proud of. To do that we need to bring the best out of our team to create not just a product that's packed full of features, but also has a lot of intelligence in it.” When Kyle isn’t working, he can often be found watching the NBA. He also likes to eat a lot, particularly Southeast Asian food (he doesn’t mind admitting he’s biased), and he’s a licensed scuba diver. Scuba diving has taken him on a few different trips around Thailand and Indonesia, and he’s excited to do it more once the global travel situation allows.

Team announcement

Butter Adds Greg Ruben as Product Design Lead

Butter Adds Greg Ruben as Product Design Lead

Video conferencing company Butter has announced Greg Ruben has joined its team as its product design lead. Greg brings more than 11 years of creative and product design experience and will play an important role in helping the company to disrupt the online video calling and conferencing space. Greg comes to Butter from design firm Doberman, where he most recently served as their lead product designer in its New York office. Before that, he was also director of product design at the online media company Axios. His path into a creative career was set early on, with his dad a storyteller and musician, and his grandfather an extremely enthusiastic innovator. “He would do things like come up with ideas for political cartoons, then commission cartoonists to draw them and then put them in the newspaper,” he says. “He also had this side hustle where he took old wine bottles, and created sculptural elements, and painted them to make the bottles into characters. He had all sorts of crazy novelties and tchotchkes around, so I remember being exposed to a lot of stuff at his house. “My path into design was really established in high school when I was in a band, and I was the one who stepped up to do all of our flyers and T-shirt designs and stuff like that. One of my bandmates' Dad's was like, ‘hey, you should really consider this as a career.’” Greg was born in Los Angeles and grew up near the beach. He moved to New York in 2012, having completed a Design Media Arts degree at UCLA, and set his sights on learning new skills. “I had been working in LA for a couple of years and, at that time, the idea of product design as a discipline wasn’t fully formed,” he says. “The stuff I was doing was more in a marketing context, but I wanted to do something that was more substantial and lasting. I ended up getting hired at Moment, which was fantastic because it was one of the first product design studios in New York City. It was kind of like grad school in product design, where I really learned how to use all the different methodologies and see how product design works.” Greg says the opportunity to use more humor, color, and playfulness in his design was a big attraction for him to come to Butter. In his spare time, Greg likes to go surfing and enjoys music. He had a side project running an internet radio station in Brooklyn for a few years, and also holds a secret desire to use his skills to make household appliances more user-friendly. “All the appliances in our place, including the oven and our sprinkler system, all have horrible UX. They're almost unusable. I would love the opportunity at some point to work on household products, to use things like a digital touch screen to try to make those appliances better.”

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