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Meet Butter's New Head of Community, Anamaria Dorgo

Meet Butter's New Head of Community, Anamaria Dorgo, Butter

Anamaria Dorgo’s last two years have accidentally set her up perfectly for her new role. She’s joined video conferencing platform Butter as its new Head of Community, having founded her own community of people she’ll now be working with.

Anamaria has a passion for learning and development and helping to facilitate new ways of learning that are engaging and effective. She started a community of L&D Shakers in 2019 looking to spice learning up, and the people in that community are now front of mind in her new role.

“We’re creating a community for workshoppers and facilitators, which is very similar to who I am as someone doing learning and development,” she says. “That’s a huge asset for me because I can empathize with their needs with their challenges. It almost feels like I'm building it for myself.”

Anamaria actually came across Butter through the community she built. She was looking into alternatives to Zoom and found Butter. One of the global members of her community then recommended her for the Head of Community position, which she ended up getting.

“It was obviously a massive compliment for me to hear that. It was the very first time when I thought, ‘Could this be me? Am I a community builder?’ I hadn’t associated my identity with community building before. Two days later, Cheska, our Chief Growth Officer, approached me and said they wanted to meet me, and that’s how it all started.”

Anamaria grew up in Romania, and she’s spent time living and working in Germany and Spain before ending up in Amsterdam. She believes that growing up in Romania as a child really shaped her approach to the world.

“That environment was so different to anything I see and experience right now, but it really built my resilience. It brought out the fighter in me, It taught me that if you want something, you have to go for it and create opportunities for yourself.”

While she may not have been sure if she had the full set of skills to fill the Head of Community role, Anamaria has quickly proven to herself and her colleagues that she’s a natural fit. She says it’s been a case of testing and adjusting different things, but the collaborative approach is something her Butter teammates really value.

“It's learning by doing because community building is a fluid process. There is no one size fits all, you have to experiment, test and iterate to see what fits for Butter and our target audience that we’re building the space for. I’m a firm believer in co-creation, and when you're creating a community for people to get together and share, you have to allow people to define that space for themselves.”

Anamaria is an active person who likes to get outside, ride her bike and do yoga. She’s also discovering her creative side through a range of outlets such as painting and drawing and would like to get into pottery and ceramics. She is a big believer in the power of people and says she’s made a real effort to surround herself with people she calls 'cheerleaders'.

“Things don't always work out like you wished or dreamed of, and that's okay. It's okay to take that moment to stop and feel whatever you're feeling in that moment. But when you’re surrounded by people who will give you that positive push and that energy back, it’s priceless.”

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Meet Abhisht Singh, Butter's Engineering Intern

Meet Abhisht Singh, Butter's Engineering Intern

It seems like Abhisht Singh was always going to end up working in tech. The new Backend Engineering Intern at video conferencing tool Butter, Abhisht says his older brother introduced him to computing when he was around 11 years old, and he never looked back. “Back then my brother was in college, and he was going on a computer screen. I was sitting beside him, watching everything he was doing, so he decided to teach me a few things. He was the one who got me into coding, and he gave me a few classes and got me excited about it.” Abhisht grew up with his family being a hugely positive influence on him. He describes having a really close relationship with his two brothers, who he still lives with now, and his sister. He says they were all influential in his upbringing in northern India. “I was quite fortunate to have those three siblings. I know many people with brothers or sisters end up fighting with them a lot, but in my case, it was quite the opposite. They were the people who gave me most of the guidance, saying, ‘You should be doing this, you should be doing that, you shouldn't be doing this.’ They made my life pretty interesting.” Abhisht fondly remembers the first thing he ever built, which was a simple calculator. He’s just going into his final year of university, where he’s studying for a degree in Computer Science, and says the opportunity to complement his studies with an internship at Butter was too good to turn down. “After trying out Butter with a few of my friends, I really liked the entire experience of using the app and especially the UI. I saw that they were hiring, but not in any positions I was qualified for. The hiring page was so inviting that I applied without thinking much about it. The application took a long time but I am glad that I went through with it" His first few weeks working remotely have been a bit of a blur, but Abhisht already feels very welcome and part of the Butter team. He says in just two weeks, he feels like he’s working with friends, rather than people he’s only just met. “Right from the moment I joined the Slack group, I could see everyone sending their welcomes. The entire engineering and dev team, I had a call with them, and they were like, ‘If you need any help, just let us know.’ I feel like I can just text anyone and they would be willing to help me.” When he’s not working, Abhisht is a big fan of music and podcasts. He likes the band Twenty One Pilots, as well as the philosophy podcast, Philosophize This by Stephen West. He’s also into drawing and wants to start taking contemporary dance classes.

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Meet Butter's QA Lead, Dinda Mahararas

Meet Butter's QA Lead, Dinda Mahararas

Dinda Mahararas has her husband to thank for her interest in software development. The new Quality Assurance Lead at video conferencing platform Butter has a degree in English and Literature and was working as a legal administrator before embarking on her QA career. “My husband is in programming - he’s an Android developer,” she says. “He always talks about software, Java language, logical thinking, and the work cycle in his company. He even bought many books from outside Indonesia to fulfill his brain. It made me curious, and want to do it myself, so he gave me the stepping stones to make it my career too. He supports me to learn digital marketing on the first try, then learns about UI/UX design, but none of them is within my reach. I couldn't practice all I've learned till I join my previous company, Edu-tech startup,” Dinda joined the Butter “dream team” in July 2021. She’s based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and says Butter’s attitude towards supporting its global workforce makes it a great place to work. “There are a lot of calls between the team because we have developers in Asia, Nigeria, and other teammates from other parts of the world. But Butter's culture is super open. They really value openness, everyone is open-minded and open-hearted. We have a lot of meetings because we are working remotely, but it's all supported. We work on documentation, draft to do, we always try to maintain good collaboration so no one is left behind or work alone.” Those meetings have to account for the different time zones that team members are, in across Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and also Nigeria. However, the communication across all team members means they’re always kept informed of what people are doing. Dinda’s role as QA Lead is to assess different software releases and test them for bugs and useability. It’s a job she takes extremely seriously and is grateful for. “I've never been a lead before in my previous jobs. So this is my first time and I don’t want to waste the opportunity. I read a lot of books that can help me to be better in this job. I used to do a lot of manual testing before, but now I’m learning a lot about automation, which has been really good. Everyone within the team is super helpful, and also did my husband. I'm happy to be who I am right now.” Dinda’s dedication to her job meant she was busy from 9 am to 10 pm in her first few days at Butter. However, she’s now settled into a more manageable routine. She wants to be good in her career as a quality assurance. For her, quality assurance is to put herself in the user's shoes, so that all the needs and ambitions can be turned into good product delivery. “To be honest, after my second week, it felt like I couldn't do this anymore. But I started feeling calmer and realized that I could share things with other co-workers. I know I can speak up to Adam, our CTO, and I feel very lucky that my teammates are so supportive. Butter really embraces everyone to have a good life balance, for work and also for real-life things.” For Dinda, that balance involves having family time with her husband, her cats, and a good Netflix show. Her advice to anyone starting a career, as she was not so long ago, is don't stop believing in yourself. "I know sometimes overthinking and underestimating comes first in all-new situations, that's because of so many reasons, not going to blame. But if people can believe in what you do, why don't you first in yourself?", she said.

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