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The answer is in the name, we're involved in everything people related!

Meet the team

Fun facts


I play games but not professionally!


I once chased a guy around Singapore during Christmas eve to collect back 9 turkeys

Behind the scenes

How we work

Our purpose

Our community is of utmost importance to us. While our Account Management team takes care of our clients, we take care of our Cadence community of contractors and full-time employees (Caddies)!

What makes us unique?

We're also alumni of the Associate program! As Associates, we used to work with clients. But as part of People Management, we work with our amazing internal community of Caddies and contractors.

How we work

The People Management team is where we get things rolling! On one end, we map, recruit, vet, onboard, train and manage talent that comes through our pipeline for both the Associate Program and Linguist community. On the other, we also involve ourselves in fun activities such as team bonding events and facilitating our culture carrier program for Caddies to visit and work in other offices!

Our favorite tools

We utilise Jira for road mapping/day to day tasks and Confluence for storing all know-hows. But our favourite tools of all are our eLearning platform, 360Learning AND our People Management platform Lattice!