Jaka Jančar

CTO at Celtra


Jaka Jančar is the CTO at Celtra. Jaka has over fifteen years of experience in the tech industry, with a focus on large enterprise systems. Jaka began their career as a developer at Žejn d.o.o., where they designed, developed, and maintained various applications for the second largest national carrier. In 2008, they transitioned to freelance work, developing iOS applications. In 2009, they joined Celtra as a CTO.

Jaka Jančar is a third year dropout from the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia where they were studying Computer Science. Jaka also has general education with an emphasis on linguistics from Gimnazija Poljane, including English, Spanish, and German.

Jaka Jančar works with Vanja B. Brzin - SVP, Product Marketing, Megan St. Ledger - General Counsel, and Matevž Klanjšek - CPO & Co-Founder. Jaka Jančar reports to Miha Mikek, CEO, Founder.


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