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Cloudside becomes Premier Google Cloud Partner

Cloudside becomes Premier Google Cloud Partner, Cloudside Technologies

We are extremely excited and humbled to announce that we have now become a Premier partner of Google Cloud Platform. It has been less than a year (11 months to be precise) since Cloudside came into existence with a focus on all things Google Cloud and Kubernetes. We have been extremely fortunate to have a lot of things go our way starting with putting together a competent, experienced, and playful core team. Our investor who trusted in us, kind-hearted people who we worked with in the past offered us work and opportunities, the partner teams at Google Cloud who made a new partner feel home and supported us while we found our feet, the business and marketing teams at Google Cloud who trusted us and gave opportunities. We are filled with gratitude!

We know it’s a cliche, but on days you are elated, the cliche is okay :) - Yes, We are just getting started! To the future and beyond!! :)