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Cohesion Welcomes Megan Limanni as Talent Acquisition Manager

Cohesion Welcomes Megan Limanni as Talent Acquisition Manager, Cohesion

Real estate technology company Cohesion has welcomed Megan Limanni to its team as Talent Acquisition Manager. A born and bred Chicagoan, Megan’s role is to manage the company’s domestic and international acquisition initiatives, including recruiting, interviewing and onboarding.

Before her career in recruitment, Megan was a passionate singer and musician who aspired to perform on Broadway. She has been in productions such as Phantom of the Opera, Oliver, and Rent. She has been a vegetarian since she was three, and recently booked her first overseas trip, to Belize at the end of 2022.

Megan is already familiar with Cohesion, having helped with the company’s talent acquisition externally in her last role as a Recruiting Manager at Robert Half. She has a BA in Communications from Loyola University, but found her niche in HR by accident when a regular patron at a bar she was managing encouraged her to apply for a role at Robert Half. Megan quickly fell in love with the people aspect of HR and the ability to form relationships with a diverse range of people.

“Cohesion is just such a disruptor in the industry,” she said. “Real estate can be a little bit slow to adopt new technology, and one thing that really drew me to Cohesion is that we are the first platform of our kind. So it’s really paving the way for an entirely new field. Another huge thing was the diversity in our employees. For me, pivoting into this dynamic environment is something that’s very exciting.”

When she’s not working, Megan is often found exploring Chicago neighborhoods, discovering local breweries and musicians. She plays the ukulele and the guitar, and has a cat named Toga that she rescued from the woods while on a camping trip.

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Ben Brown Joins Cohesion as Program Director

Ben Brown Joins Cohesion as Program Director

Real estate SaaS company Cohesion has added former US Marine Ben Brown to its team as a Program Director. Ben is a highly skilled and well-regarded team leader with vast experience overseeing pieces of work in a range of industries. Ben comes to Cohesion from, where he was a Solution Delivery Director, working with a team of engineers to deliver logistics software. He was one of the company’s top change agents, leading a team of coaches, partnering with product management, and overseeing a program that automated the deployment of microservice architecture. It was a former Truckstop colleague who actually encouraged Ben to come over to Cohesion. “As I looked around, the thing that attracted my attention that made me keep looking was the IoT aspect,” he says. “I've been working in either IT or software for the past 10 years, but it doesn't actually exist physically, it's just something out there on the web or in a database. Whereas dealing with IoT, we’re talking about things that exist physically, and that interested me. The proposition of the company of sucking in building data and then using that for insights was very attractive to me.” Before Truckstop, Ben was a Project Manager and Program Manager at intelligence innovators Micron Technology for six and a half years. He led teams in both North America and Asia and developed operational strategies that supported the company’s overall vision, including budget and contracting, resource management, cross-team coordination, and communication and reporting. Ben has a Master of Science degree in Modeling, Virtual Environments, and Simulation from the Naval Postgraduate School. He served in the Marine Corps from 1993 - 2013 as a team leader, Logistics Manager and also managed its simulation program for three years. He says working in his unit right after 9/11 was really similar to being in a startup. “I was called down to Central Command, where they were standing up the headquarters that would fight the war, and that was like a startup on steroids,” he says. “We had people pouring in and didn't know who did what, and trying to get people organized fast, and things changed every day. It was total chaos, but I enjoyed that type of environment.” In his spare time, Ben likes to get outdoors. He’s into hiking, biking, skiing, camping, and being in the mountains that surround him in Boise, ID. His love for the outdoors comes from his upbringing in northeastern Tennessee, albeit in a different environment. He also likes to travel and has always wanted to live in the South Pacific; around Australia or New Zealand.

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