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Focus on Healthcare Industry, Senior Living Industry and Government Procurement. At Collaboration of Integrated Health Care, we provide resources for healthcare providers, owner-operators and third-party management companies on best practices to increa...



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I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of colleagues who strengthen the organization to complement the needs of our clientele.

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Jessica Cobbs Promoted to Chief Experience Officer and Board Member for Collaboration of Integrated Healthcare (CIH)

Jessica Cobbs Promoted to Chief Experience Officer and Board Member for Collaboration of Integrated Healthcare (CIH)

Effective January 2021, Jessica Cobbs has been promoted from SVP, Marketing and Sales to Chief Experience Officer for Collaboration of Integrated Healthcare (CIH). Jessica Cobbs’ diverse experience in both start-up companies and global companies is an excellent fit for the CXO role. As a seasoned leader, Jessica has developed growth strategies, led global teams, and implemented programs to drive revenue growth in healthcare and other industries. "Since coming on board with CIH, has not only added another layer of credibility to our organization. Jessica has additionally deployed strategies that have propelled the company in the right direction. She is a wonderful addition to the team and I am thankful for her choosing to work with us at CIH." said Nicholas Strata, CIH Executive Chairman. Jessica Cobbs started her career in sales and marketing for Delta Air Lines. Jessica later transitioned to the healthcare industry and was responsible for the Global Brand Development and Communications for Merial (a Merck and Sanofi-Aventis joint venture). Her responsibilities included global brand management processes, specifically strategy, planning, and brand image to increase global revenue and lead the global brand management activities for animal health pharmaceutical brands, including Frontline, a blockbuster animal health product. Other roles include being a Global Brand Director for UPS, where she led the brand strategy, brand management, communications, and mergers & acquisitions to drive global growth. "Jessica is an exemplary leader who has the vision and, initiative to propel our organization into the future. Her dedication to setting an example as a mentor to sales teams and her colleagues makes her a natural choice for ascension to the CXO role. Our partnerships have strengthened due to her level of commitment to ensuring we provide top-tier products and services to our clients. I am so proud to have her leading the department's objectives." said Hollye L. Hills, Chief Experience Officer As CXO for Collaboration of Integrated Healthcare, Jessica will lead all initiatives that impact our customers, including business development, marketing, and digital strategy, strategic planning, and internal and external communications. Please join us in welcoming Jessica in her new role by reaching out to or call us 614-697-4187.

Partnership announcement

New Partnership with LightningMD

New Partnership with LightningMD

Helping you help your patients is what we do best! Our partners such as Lightning MD provide your staff with the tools they need! The Practice Management and Telehealth App are not just for medical billing! Learn more at #collaborationofintegratedhealthcare #healthcare #lightningmd #medicalbilling #RCM