William Rudenmalm

Lead Developer at Creandum

William Rudenmalm is a Lead Developer at Creandum. William has previously worked as a Director of Engineering at Rocker, CTO at Klira, and Sobel.io. William has a wide range of experience in different technologies including Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Scala, Elixir, React Native, FluxCD, Helm, PostgreSQL, Kotlin, Java, Spring Boot, Prometheus, Kafka, Grafana, MySQL/MariaDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Redux, React.JS, styled-components, Next.js, gatsby.js, Node.js Google Cloud Platform (GCP), AWS.

William Rudenmalm has a Master of Science in Computer Science from Stockholm University, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the same school.


  • Lead Developer

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