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BCRI expands mission and vision

SAN DIEGO, July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The CureScience™ Institute, a non-profit organization, focused on the acceleration of curative therapies for unmet needs, announced today a strategic expansion of its vision and mission. The Institute's initial focus was on translational research in oncology and neurological disorders. Based on recent successes, the Board of Directors has decided to strategically expand the Institute's vision to leverage early diagnostics, regenerative medicine, and immunotherapy to enable a new generation of precision medicines.

The Institute is expanding research activities with a strategic focus on establishing transdisciplinary ThinkTanks to bring thought-provoking ideas to the forefront and to accelerate therapeutic and translational research by developing a collaborative ecosystem of academic, industry, and patient-centric stakeholders. The focus will be on exploring "out of the box" solutions to address the bottlenecks in clinical translation and unmet needs in the delivery of care. Crucially, the Institute will be the catalyst that is needed to establish feasibility and clinical implementation models of these new ideas.

In addition to autoimmune and neurological disorders, different disorders will be adopted to explore solutions through transdisciplinary approaches. Strategically the Board of Directors chose to adopt COVID-19 as the current disorder theme due to its global impact. "I am proud to be part of this initiative, where the focus is on developing therapies through transdisciplinary approaches. The two key pieces, 'ThinkTanks' and 'Disorder themes,' are unique to our approach in addressing unmet needs," said Dr. Shashaanka Ashili. Regardingclinical implementation models, the Institute will engage patients and focus on developing patient engagement models to support the "disorder themes."

As a core focus, the Institute will be working with startups and other corporate stakeholders. The goals of this initiative are to enable novel technologies to strengthen early diagnosis and build a pipeline of patient-centric therapeutic repositories. The Institute has already participated in enabling startups with a focus on establishing a pipeline of cancer therapeutics.

To accomplish its mission, the Institute has expanded its Board of Advisors recruiting international scientists, including Dr. Jocopo Annese, founder of The Brain Observatory. "The Institute's approach of rapidly redirecting resources and orchestrating ThinkTanks towards priority focus areas is novel and unique in biomedical research. As a member of the Advisory Board, I am looking forward to contributing to this important challenge," said Dr. Jacopo Annese

More information at www.CureScience.org