Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S is a shipping company. NORDEN operates one of the industry’s most modern, flexible and competitive fleets globally within the dry cargo and tanker vessel types. NORDEN was founded in 1871 and is one of the world’s oldest listed ship owners.





Org chart

Jan Rindbo

Christian Vinther Christensen
Head, Dry Cargo Department
Heidi Nykjaer Persson
Head, People, Communication and Sustainability
Henrik Lykkegaard Madsen
Head, Asset Management
Christoffer Berge Hansen
Head Of Risk Management
Jenny Bazakas
Head Of Legal Shipping
Kaare Wagner Christoffersen
General Counsel Head Of Group Legal
Rasmus Saltofte
Head Of Handysize Worldwide
Tim Fitzpatrick
Head Of Handysize North America
Bente Ellekjær Madsen
Head Of Business Applications
Cecilie Mia Nielsen
HR Business Partner Head Of Talent Acquisition
Henning Fotland
Head Of Business Development Logistics
Jens Malund Jensen
Head Of Operation Freight Services Trading
Jesper Rahlf Rasmussen
Team Leader Head Of Operations Singapore
Jonas Pappot
Head Of Finance Business Partnering
Maria Kiær Steffensen
HR Business Partner Head Of People Operations
Marianne Roldsgaard C.
Head Of Business Development
Nikolaj Lambertsen
Head Of Operations Tankers Period Tonnage
Pablo Roche
Head Of Dry Operations Americas
Pernille Stentoft
Head Of Operations Analytics
Ruhi Hermansen
Head Of Operations Asset Management
Søren Marcussen
Head Of Tankers Operations
Stefan Juma Søndergård
Head Of IT Operations
Steffen Christian Lie
Head Of Operations Asia North Pacific
Tedd Redner
Head Of Operations And Contracts Gabon Transshipment
Theis Bach Christensen
Head Of Dry Operations Copenhagen
Morten Aarup
Head Of Market Research Asset Management
Arun Mittal
Chief Engineer
Gorm Laugesen
Head Of IT CIO
Jatan Kumar Saha
Chief Engineer On Merchent Vessels
Kaushik Dutta Gupta
Chief Engineer
Rajinder Singh
Marine Engineer Chief Engineer
Shekhar Singhal
Chief Engineer
Shirish Pradhan
Chief Engineer
Vishal Agarwal
Chief Engineer
Louise MacKenzie Hall (MICS)
Head Of Optimisation
Michael Boetius
Head Of Period Tonnage FFA Trading
Per Heilmann
Head Of FFA And Algo Trading
Helen Boye
Head Of Organisational Development