Org chart

Pete Mccabe
Chief Executive Officer
Travis May
Co-Founder and President
Mark Karch
Chief Commercial Officer
Bob Borek
Chief Operating Officer
Nick Colburn
CFO, Product & GTM Division
Mike Burwell
Chief Financial Officer, Datavant Group
Michelle Edler
Chief Operating Officer, Ciox Service Operations
Bob Bailey
Chief Legal Officer, Datavant Group
Nick Giannasi
Chief Product Officer
Aden Fine
General Counsel, Datavant
Ram Balagopal
President & General Manager, Health Plans
Su Huang
Head of Data Strategy
Holly May
Head of People and Operations
Shahir Kassam-Adams
Head of Corporate Development
Vera Mucaj
Head of Trials & Chief Scientist
Jonah Leshin
Head of Data Science
Jasmin Phua
Head of Health Systems & Government Solutions
Jason Brantley
President & General Manager, Provider Solutions
Mark Ungerer
Head of Product
Lucienne Roe
Head of Quality Assurance
Jacob Plummer
Head of Customer Success
Elenee Argentinis
Head of Marketing
Swarna Mani
Head of DevOps
Doug Fridsma
Head of Government Partnerships
Neal Karasic
Head of New Market Solutions
Charu Gupta
Head of Product & Content Marketing
Lev Eldemir
Customer Success Lead
Dan Scudder
General Manager, Data Ecosystem & Platforms
Shahir Kassam-Adams
Head of Corporate Development
Sophie Gershon
Software Engineer
Akhil Jacob
Software Engineer
Puneet Kaur
Software Engineer
Emma Gan
Software Engineer
Funmi Dosunmu
Executive Assistant

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Abby Bertelson
Chief of Staff
Tommy Giardina
Pod Manager, Pipelines Pod
Louise Fan
Software Engineer, Activation Pod
Eric Hall
Commercial Operations
Claire Cravero
Academic and Non-Profit Partnerships
Jackie Dyreby
Special Projects, Identified Switchboard