ASO Growth Specialist

Growth · Full-time · Global

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Deepstash is one of the hottest startups right now. We help millions of people across the globe discover life-changing ideas. We develop mobile and web apps and work on becoming one of the forces for good in this world.

Deepstash improves your life with actionable short ideas on productivity, lifestyle, business and more. We make it easy to find, collect and organize ideas you're interested in. Our product can be found on both the Apple and Play store and on the web. We are a content-based consumer (B2C) product that is currently on a 100% free business model (subscription-free and ad-free).

We are a small but Agile (with a capital A) team. We move fast and try different things all the time. Your job is to make sure that there is a method to the chaos and that we don’t ignore the basics.

Based in Bucharest, Romania, Deepstash is founded by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by leading investors and advisors such as Connect Ventures, Gapminder, Shakil Khan (ex-Spotify), Dennis Yang (Ex-Udemy) and Des Traynor (Intercom).

What will you be doing? We are looking for a self-driven App Store Optimization specialist and growth hacker to help develop and scale our mobile apps discovery and search positioning. We have apps on both the Apple Store and the Play Store.

We are firm believers in organic growth as that’s the only scalable way high-growth can be achieved. We don’t use paid acquisition as a main channel to bring users in, but to:

  • Jumpstart, boost and uplift every other growth effort we are involved in (like a strategic launch of a new country for our Google Play app).
  • Being in a new category of product (knowledge discovery), continuously test how we describe ourselves and learn how to push forward our point of view.

You will oversee all ASO growth activities and will work with the rest of the team (Content, Product, Growth, Engineering) to optimize keywords, create and run A/B tests and experiments to increase conversion and work on scaling our daily installs to new heights.

This means:

  • Develop an ASO growth model that we can guide our efforts by and come up with your ASO strategy based on these proposed goals and forecasts.
  • Continuously work on improving our conversion rates on both explore/discovery and search verticals, with A/B experiments on store assets (such as keywords, titles, descriptions, images, icon). We shouldn’t have a day without an experiment running :-)
  • Understanding the dynamics of localization in different countries is vital to our growth. You should be up-to-date with current trends and techniques to make partial localization hacks work for us.
  • You’ll work with our internal team of designers and product people for store creatives like icons and images, but having a full-stack orientation and knowledge of design will work great to optimize the way we execute A/B tests.
  • You will need to be a superstar with data: conducting experiments and analysing the insights from results so we can make better and more informed decisions are among thes one of the most important traits we value.
  • You’ll continuously analyse the market and competition. Extracting relevant data is crucial to understanding where we are in the ecosystem and how we can shift efforts to grow.
  • You’ll be involved in keeping our app Vitals (like crash rate, latency, retention) up-to-spec (Play & iOS) and you’ll work with all relevant teams to help us fix issues or optimize to increase our performance and discovery potential within the stores.
  • You’ll have a direct oversight over store reviews and come up with ways on how to improve our rating and coordinate and manage the way we respond to user feedback. We have a superb 4.7-4.8 rating in stores, but we always strive to do better.
  • Keeping in touch with Google & Apple insiders is very important and you’ll have the opportunity to create relationships with both companies and people involved in the decision making process of featuring apps.


  • Have an excellent understanding of English (in writing specifically). It’s imperative that the language we test in our mobile stores is impeccable.
  • You are always up-to-date with mobile store algorithms and the industry blogs and discussions (such as Androiddev on Reddit).
  • You know your ASO tools and have experience with AppTweak, Applyzer, Play Store & App Store consoles. You are also always on the lookout for better tools to help us achieve more.
  • Have at least a basic understanding of SEO, in such a way that you can work with relevant teams on growth opportunities and joint-efforts.
  • You have good instincts, but you don’t rely on them. You test. And then test again. Data is your daily food and you rely on it to make smarter decisions.
  • We are looking for an independent, responsible person. Mainly because there is no time for micro-management. We expect you to be able to carry your own weight and be a reliable partner.
  • Over-communicator. Some people may work remotely and it’s up to you to show your work, explain your ideas or highlight problems.
  • We want you to be proactive. Words are nice, opinions are cute … but proactivity in action is golden.
  • You have a strong business mindset and you're happy to work in a fully English speaking environment.
  • Plus: You are using our product :-)


  • Be an early employee. Join our high-growth startup to learn new skills and fast track your career growth; grow to be a company leader in the future, get management opportunities and run your team.
  • You can make your own schedule. As long as things happen on time and on spec.
  • Remote first: We don’t care when and where you work from.
  • Potential for stock options package


If interested send us a CV at cristian@deepstash.com