Charles W. Ergen
Co-Founder & Chairman at DISH Network
Charlie Ergen serves as our executive Chairman and has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of DISH Network since its formation. During the past five years, Mr. Ergen has held various executive officer and director positions with DISH Network and our subsidiaries including the position of President and Chief Executive Officer from time to time. Mr. Ergen co-founded DISH Network with his wife, Cantey M. Ergen, and James DeFranco, in 1980. Mr. Ergen also serves as executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EchoStar and served as Chief Executive Officer of EchoStar from its formation in October 2007 until November 2009. Mr. Ergen also served as EchoStar’s President from June 2008 until November 2009. The Board concluded that Mr. Ergen should continue to serve on the Board due to, among other things, his role as our co-founder and controlling shareholder and the expertise, leadership and strategic direction that he has contributed to us since our formation.

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