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How Can Offering In Store Sampling PULL Your Sales Forward In Stores?

How Can Offering In Store Sampling PULL Your Sales Forward In Stores?, Dragon Spirits Marketing

We’ve been making waves and growing! Start To Sold Blog and Podcast interviews our VP of Customer Strategy and Development (Chris Ivey) this very informative video. Ask us how we can help your brand grow! #BeADragon

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Dragon Fiery News

Dragon Fiery News

FROM THE DESK OF PAPA DRAGON by Lamar Romero In March 2020, right before we had to cancel all of our business (and sit on our hands for 6 months), we achieved a longtime goal: to be recognized and accepted as a Capital Factory company! We were accepted based on our amazing Dragon Engagement Network™ created for our clients and Dragons! Fast forward one year, and we are seeing AMAZING growth as the world returns to a new normal. So, after eight years of R&D, we will be utilizing WeFunder to launch a capital raising campaign, mostly to build WAY BETTER SOFTWARE for our clients and Dragons. We will be using a new (but now standard) SAFE format for fundraising, and more details will be provided in the coming weeks. For now, WE NEED YOUR PRAISE, PLEASE! We need your words of praise in building case studies or testimonials. If you have partnered up with us at any point, write us a Google review, or better yet, let us trade you some activation credits for a customer case study. If you prefer, please feel free to email me your case study directly. We would love to hear from you! IVEY'S INSIGHTS by Chris Ivey What a whirlwind of a month this has been! I am so excited to update all of you on what's going on. Whole Foods Begins Educational Demos Whole Foods is now allowing “Educational Demos” - or as we know them, Dry Demos. It’s a BIG step for our brands striving to tell their story, and we will be happy to help with Educational Demos at your participating Whole Foods Stores. We are the #1 storytellers and consumer engagement leaders in the activation space. We have proven our activation model for over seven years, and honed our craft even more during the pandemic. From Whole Foods: Q: What is an educational demo? Are they successful? A: An educational demo promotes brands and products by communicating key features and benefits of the featured product. These demos also provide a merchandising opportunity on the cart for shelf-stable products to successfully engage with Whole Foods Market customers! [Book Educational Demos ]( Total Wine - Schedule 3+ Months in Advance Now that Total Wine and More (TWM) has their in-house scheduling system JRNI (Journey) back up and running, scheduling for 2021 needs to be strategized into long-term planning 3 months out or more. As we publish this in late March, there are no good April/May spots left in most stores, and we are grabbing “the good slots” for our clients during June and onwards. If you have any plans for a tasting program at any TWM stores, please begin scheduling and planning with us NOW! Book Total Wine Demos Schedule Now for chains and Mom & Pop stores alike If you would like to begin scheduling for any retailer for Q2, we should begin NOW! Many brands are recognizing the importance of retail presence after the impact of COVID-19 and the on-premise shut downs. The increased off-premise push has also shed a light on the importance of differentiating yourself from your competitors - that is where tastings and brand activation come into play. The increased tasting demand also means we have fewer spots available to schedule with the already diminished tasting spots from COVID-19 regulations. [Book Other Retail Demos ]( DRAGONS SPIRITS SUPPORTS ANY BABY CAN During our successful fundraising campaign for Feeding Texas at the end of 2020, even amidst the pandemic, the Dragons raised over $1000. We at Dragon Spirits Marketing Inc wanted to continue to do good and make a difference in our community. Spurred on by this success, and the continuing need of various causes, we want to continue doing good for our community. We have decided to throw our support to Any Baby Can during the second quarter of 2021. Any Baby Can partners with families to build stability, develop skills, and unlock each child’s full potential. We believe strong families are at the core of thriving communities. All parents should feel supported, valued, and empowered to ensure their children have the best chance at a bright future. Each year, Any Baby Can serves more than 3,000 parents and children in central Texas. Services range from parenting classes to in-home therapies and developmental support, parent education, resource navigation, and more. [Donate to Any Baby Can ]( Dragon on Fire The week of February 1st, our Dragon, Sharon, sold 17 bottles of our client Devil's River at Spec's in Austin, Texas. The week of February 9th, our Dragon, Elizabeth, sold 122 bottles of our client Sugarlands Distilling in Daytona at Total Wine and More at Daytona Beach, Florida. The week of February 15th, our Dragon, Kurthan, sold 19 bottles of our client Devil's River at Spec's in Live Oak, Texas. The week of Feburary 22nd, our Dragon, Helen, 12 bottles of our client Sire Spirits at Spec's in Dallas, Texas. If you have never worked with us before, try us out. We DON'T have contracts with our clients. Contact Us Dragon Spirits Marketing Your Consumer Engagement Leader. Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Copyright © 2020 Dragon Spirits Marketing and Promotion, All rights reserved.

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