Enel Green Power


Org chart

Carlo Zorzoli
Head of Business Development
Paolo Romanacci
Head of North America
James Lee Stancampiano
Head of Argentina & Chile
Eugenio Calderón López
Head of Colombia & Peru
Antonella Santilli
Head of Communications
Luca Noviello
Head of Procurement
Antonio Scala
Head of People and Organization
Javier Vaquerizo Alonso
Commercial Office Manager
Luigi La Pegna
Operation and Maintenance Manager
Umberto Magrini
Engineering and Construction Manager
Giovanni Tula
Sustainability Manager
Nicola Rossi
Innovation Manager
Giuseppe Serrecchia
Digital Hub Manager
Renato Mastroianni
Procurement Manager
Enrique De Las Morenas Moneo
Competitor Intelligence, Market Studies and Strategic Analysis Manager
Valter Moro
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager
Aristotelis Chantavas
Europe, Manager
Bruno Riga
Central America, Manager
Lamberto Dai Pra
Africa, Asia and Oceania, Manager
Georgios Pergamalis
Head of Stewardship Portfolio Management

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart