Org chart

Jonathan E. Lim
Chairman, CEO & Co-Founder
David Chacko
Chief Business Officer
Wei Lin
Chief Medical Officer
Ebun Garner
General Counsel
Michael Varney
Chairman of R&D, SAB & Director
Jiangwen Majeti
GM, China & Head of Global Collaborations
Nik Chetwyn
SVP of Operations
Chandra Lovejoy
SVP of Regulatory Affairs
David Luo
VP of Clinical Research & Operations
Jean-Michel Vernier
VP of Chemistry
Les Brail
VP of Clinical Development
Robert Shoemaker
VP of Biology
Amanda Albert
VP of Portfolio & Program Leadership
Dawei Xuan
VP of Clinical Pharmacology
Jing Yi
VP of Data Science
Minli Xie
VP of Pharmaceutical Development & Operations

Board & Advisors

Bihua Chen
Val Harding
Bruce Roth
Senior Chemistry Advisor
Dave Matthews
Senior Crystallography Advisor
Greg Cosma
Senior Development Advisor
Paul Pearson
Senior ADME/PK Advisor
James Freddo
Senior Medical Advisor
Jane Chang
Senior Toxicology Advisor
Linda Robertson
Senior Regulatory Affairs Advisor

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