Austin Kenny


Austin Kenny is the current CRO at ETU. Austin has a long history of working in various positions in the tech industry, including as a technical consultant and a developer and program analyst. Austin has also founded their own company, PerfectGift.

Austin Kenny has a wealth of experience in the tech industry, making him a valuable asset to ETU. Austin has a proven track record of success in various roles, and their experience founding their own company gives him a unique perspective on the industry. Austin is dedicated to their work, and is always looking for ways to improve ETU's products and services.

Austin Kenny completed a MS.c in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin and a BS.c in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. Austin also completed a Leaving Certificate at Blackrock College.

Some of their coworkers include Kevin Murray - VP Finance, Declan Dagger - COO, and Gordon Power - CTO. Some individuals on their team include Mitchell Johnson - Key Account Manager, Ian Johnston - Sales Director, and Maria McMahon King - Sales Director. Their manager is Michael Veale, CEO.


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  • CRO

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