Simon Walker

VP, AV Systems at Five

Simon Walker has been working in the field of AV systems for over 20 years. Simon started their career as a research assistant at the University of Sheffield, before moving to Nokia where they worked as a System Integration Chief Engineer. In 1999, they moved to Sonera as a Design Manager, and then to 3G Scene as a Technical Director. In 2003, they joined Icera Semiconductor Inc as a Technical Director, where they worked on developing algorithms for the ICERA modem. Simon left Icera in 2011 to join NVIDIA as a Technical Director, where they worked on developing novel and highly optimised algorithms for the ICERA modem acquired by NVIDIA. Simon left NVIDIA in 2015 to join Five as a VP of AV systems.

Simon Walker received a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Electronic Engineering from The University of Sheffield. Simon also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics, Information and Control engineering from the same institution. Simon Walker's educational career began at Caistor Grammar School.

Simon Walker reports to John Redford, CTO. Simon Walker works with Ben Peters - VP, Product, John Andrew - VP, Engineering.



  • VP, AV Systems

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