Ping Cheng

Frontend Engineer at Giftpack

🍟 My responsibilities at Giftpack? ● Building user interfaces for websites and apps. ● Enhancing user experience. ● Optimizing web performance. ⛩ What is your vision for Giftpack? Everyone's #1 gifting solution & platform. 🦀 What is the best part working at Giftpack? ● Flexible hours, WFH ● Chill atmosphere, respect between co-workers ● Wide range of responsibilities 🏆 What’s my definition of success Satisfaction from both the users and myself. 🗣 My communication style Assertive 😃 Qualities I value ● Honesty ● Efficiency ● Patience 😒 Pet peeves ● Open mouthed chewers ● Interruption ● Ungratefulness 🧐 What do people misunderstand about me May seem quiet and timid most of the time, but can get along with others quite easily. 💡 Fun fact about me ● Muslim ● Fluent in Chinese, French, English, Turkish ● 2nd place winner of osu! Taiko World Cup 2017 & 2019 ● INFJ 🎥 Favorite Movie Weathering with you 🍴 Favorite Food ● Biryani ● Sushi ● Curry 🎶 Favorite Music ● Snail's House ● Camellia 🦸‍♂️ If you could be any super hero who would it be and why? Saiki Kusuo. He's got all kinds of abilities one can only dream about. ⚙️ What are some of your best / worst work habits? Good: ● Rarely sacrifice sleep ● Anti procrastination Bad: ● Bad posture ● Long screen time 🥕 What motivates you ● Positive news ● Opportunities to learn new things ● Effort recognition 💃 Hobbies / Interests outside of work ● Cooking ● Memes ● Rhythm games ● Nintendo Switch


  • Frontend Engineer

    Current role


119 重慶南路一段, 台北市, Taiwan


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