Julian Cassia

A & R Lead at Gigs.Live

Julian Cassia has been in the music industry for over 25 years. In 1994, they began their career as a session vocalist and instrumentalist for Various Productions. In 2006, they founded Julian Cassia Music, offering a one-stop shop for music for visuals. In 2010, they became the Head Composer and Producer for Diamond Music LLC, writing music for films, commercials, web spots, and producing various artists. In 2019, they began teaching music business, music theory, music production, and music history at Recording Arts Canada. Most recently, in 2020, they became the A & R Lead at Gigs.Live.

Julian Cassia completed a high school education, earning an Art Baccalaureate in 2000. Julian then attended Guildhall University, where they earned a Certificate in Jazz Studies in 1999. From 2002 to 2006, they attended Berklee College of Music, where they earned a Bachelor of Music in Film Scoring and Music Synthesis. In 2007, they attended New York University, where they earned a Masters of Music in Film Music. In 2015, they earned a Certificate from Mix with the Masters for Mixing with Michael Brauer.



  • A & R Lead

    August, 2020 - present

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