Product Development & Integrations Manager


Purpose of role: 

Integrations enable our clients to seamlessly exchange critical business data between their backend data systems and Gooten's platform. As the Product Development & Integrations manager, you'll tackle complex problems and implement solutions that support emerging, independent businesses all the way up to global brands and retailers. We are looking for a candidate who has a hybrid of product development and project management skills — who is excited to work directly with physical products and can manage technical projects from beginning to end.

The Product Development & Integrations Manager will provide leverage/support to the VP of Merchandising by intaking the vision/direction for product catalog changes and bringing those projects to fruition.  This candidate will PM all product and vendor integration efforts to ensure timely and accurate completion while identifying areas for improvement in our process design and systems.  This candidate will be able to assess physical products for compatibility within the Gooten catalog and make recommendations to the VP about the best integration path forward.  The right person can have a big impact by helping us turn a complex process into a simple and easy experience for our internal and external stakeholders.


  • Oversee the team of vendor integration analysts responsible for executing the vendor and new product integration managing for timeliness and accuracy of work alongside professional development 
  • Create scalable processes and documentation for our new vendor and physical product integration efforts 
  • Project manage  the integrations and run the team JIRA board, including assigning tickets, keeping track of tickets, making sure they’re completed on time, and running ticket reports
  • Partner closely with Finance, Technology, Growth, Vendor Management & Operations, and Merchandising Design to drive consistency in processes and alignment of solutions in the execution of integrations
  • Manage stakeholder expectations, communication, and deliverables to achieve tight deadlines
  • As needed, represent Gooten’s product and integration needs to external stakeholders in the integrations process, including third-party suppliers and manufacturers
  • Maintain a professional presence and proactively follow-up and manage the flow and organization of information between all parties
  • Create and maintain clear documentation of expected delivery timelines, project status updates, and process flows for internal stakeholders to consume 
  • Run meetings and proactively manage communications with internal stakeholders to collect input, share statuses on outstanding initiatives, and resolve problems directly 
  • Vett new physical products for alignment with existing offerings in our catalog  
  • Perform competitive analysis on pricing and catalog content


  • Project management across functions (operations, merchandising, product/technology, growth, finance); establish project objectives, schedules, milestones, JIRA ticket initiatives, and other mediums needed to facilitate decision making to move projects forward.  Monitors and communicates project status to project team and senior leadership.
  • Experience in Product development including in depth knowledge of sourcing, manufacturing and costing; Manage the sourcing and vetting of samples meeting specifications (design construction, printing quality, price, etc.) from vendors.  
  • Empathy for the partner experience and ability to call out and prevent partner confusion or misinformation as an outcome of an integration project 
  • The ability to connect dots across the organization, to think creatively and problem solve; highly-driven and self-motivated
  • Ability to work independently, navigate ambiguity, prioritize conflicting demands, multi-task effectively 
  • Experience in issue resolution and escalation management
  • Proven ability to see around corners thinking about both the big picture and individual needs
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Must possess the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, as well as build strong relationships across distributed teams, clients, and time zones.
  • Experience leading multiple, concurrent projects across the full project lifecycle from initial scoping to Go-Live
  • Strong understanding of project management methodologies, change management principles, tools, and best practices.
  • People management - the ability to manage a small team (2-3 people) and help them grow in their roles at Gooten 
  • Ability to lead a meeting of your peers collaboratively but with authority
  • Aptitude to learn new technical concepts required to collaborate with software development teams 
  • Must have high standards of accuracy, precision, and delivering work on-time
  • Highly proactive, communicative, autonomous, and organized to ensure all relevant parties receive timely updates on projects and the VP of Merchandising receives leverage and support from this position 
  • Strong intuition and good judgment for problem-solving; the ability to drive to decisions independently and present recommendations to senior stakeholders for final sign-off before execution

Measures of success: 

  • Timeliness of integrations for physical products 
  • Creation of well-documented processes for integrations (products and vendors)  
  • Proactive identification and improvement of integration processes measured through integration turnaround times
  • Stakeholder feedback on efficacy of role, particularly as related to communication and transparency, measured through surveys and Gooten’s internal feedback collection tools

Potential growth paths from role: 

  • Larger scale project management at Gooten (PMO) 
  • Merchandising specialization - closer alignment with the product catalog / product development efforts, to possibly include design/creative presentation of products or catalog/assortment management 
  • Sourcing and vendor network management - ability grow into a role to proactively identify vendor expansion or sourcing opportunities 
  • Vendor network management - ability to grow into a role managing part of our vendor network and identifying areas for optimization in that network