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Gooten Earns The Startup Weekly's 2021 Exceptional Workplace Award

Gooten Earns The Startup Weekly's 2021 Exceptional Workplace Award, Gooten

NEW YORK, June 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Gooten was recently recognized by The Startup Weekly as an Exceptional Place to Work in 2021. The Startup Weekly presented the Exceptional Workplace award to companies that have demonstrated a commitment to employee satisfaction and engagement.

As a globally distributed on-demand production and logistics company, Gooten is transforming how online stores manufacture and fulfill orders. The company's smart supply chain enables high-growth eCommerce stores and brands to manufacture a wide range of quality products without holding inventory, and its ability to dynamically route orders ensures items will be delivered to customers efficiently. Gooten's growth has allowed it to expand its global network of vetted manufacturers and logistics partners, expand its management team, and create an environment where employees can grow and thrive.

This year's awards attracted a record number of applications across company stages in the United States. The winners were selected by a panel of judges comprised of top executives, founders, investors, and industry experts. The companies were evaluated based on a combination of employee survey results, online and offline reviews, and industry recognition.

"In what has been a challenging year for many, we are honored to be recognized as a company that puts people first," said Gooten CEO Brian Rainey. "First and foremost, our growth is driven by the energy and focus of our talented team. We will continue to challenge ourselves in order to provide the most innovative smart supply chain solutions for brands looking to optimize their eCommerce business."

"This year's award recipients have gone above and beyond to drive workplace satisfaction and excellence. The judging panel was thoroughly impressed with all the awardees," said Peter Justin, Managing Editor of The Startup Weekly.

About Gooten Gooten operates a smart supply chain for brands looking to optimize their eCommerce business with on-demand manufacturing. It combines proprietary technology and operational expertise with a global network of 30+ best-in-class manufacturing partners. This infrastructure allows Gooten to fulfill orders more efficiently, sustainably, and at a competitive rate. Gooten's manufacturing-on-demand model makes it possible for eCommerce brands to sell high-quality products without holding any inventory. Founded in 2015 and already profitable, Gooten is based in New York City. For more information, please visit http://www.gooten.com.

About The Startup Weekly The Startup Weekly is a leading independent source of news, insights, interviews, and awards for business builders across all sectors of the economy. The company's media contributors include founders, business executives, investors, and other thought leaders. The Startup Weekly is committed to establishing a community for those pursuing entrepreneurial distinction.

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Meet Jason Sanchez, Software Engineering Manager at Gooten

Meet Jason Sanchez, Software Engineering Manager at Gooten

Four months is all it’s taken for Jason Sanchez to be blown away by his colleagues at eCommerce supply chain and logistics company Gooten. Jason joined Gooten in April 2021 as software engineering manager, where he oversees a team of eight engineers, product specialists and designers, working with partners to overcome a wide range of business challenges. “I am really impressed with the caliber of people that we have here,” he says. “I’m very genuine when I say that I love working with these people. I love working for Gooten because of the authentic culture that we have and our focus on our people.” Jason is an experienced engineer, having spent the last 20 years as a developer and leader in a wide range of companies. He says Gooten really does stand out for its approach to its people. “We value being able to collaborate, and going out of our way to help each other and our partners, because when they succeed, we succeed. It's acceptable to fail and learn from that experience. It's not one of those cultures where you're reprimanded for failure, it's one of those where we know we have to take risks and explore. That's how we innovate and make things better.” This approach to continuous learning really resonates with Jason’s own ethos of learning being an investment in yourself. “You reap that benefit throughout your career, and a side effect of that is the company also benefits and you can benefit the people around you too. That’s where Gooten is so great, because if there is a gap in one area, we come together to help each other out, learn, and innovate new solutions.” Jason actually fell into computer science at university, where he’d registered for pre-dentistry study. He had some friends who were studying computer science, so he enrolled in a few courses on the side, and quickly realised that he really liked it. He’s reaped the rewards too, with a varied career that’s enabled him to travel, work remotely and enjoy spending time with his two young kids. Jason says Gooten’s remote workplace really stood out for him because it allows him to continue to do that. “I’ve been working in a fully remote role for the past three years. The two hour daily grind downtown and back is pretty draining, and it’s really important to me that I spend time with my kids. “One of the core pillars of our culture at Gooten is people driven through empathy. I actually read an article on LinkedIn by our CTO, Lucas Lally, before I started. It was about the importance of managing employee welfare while working from home, which they do through empathetic leadership and communication. That was really insightful on how the human aspect was clearly important to people within Gooten, and it stems from the top leadership.” Outside work and his children, Jason has grown to appreciate travel, and has been to the likes of Malta, Russia, Ukraine, London, and Australia through his previous work. He even took up photography as a way to further capture new places and cultures, and believes it’s an amazing way to gain a rounded understanding of life. “As travel became part of my work, I really was exposed to different cultures and ways of life, and it allowed me to see different perspectives. It's great to be comfortable with where you live, and you love it. But travel gives you a better appreciation of what you have, what you don’t know, and what you haven’t explored yet.”

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