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Org chart

Mark Schiff
Dan Cook
Vice President/General Manager of SLED
Ammon Lesher
Vice President, General Counsel and General Manager, Healthcare
John Lawler
Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Planning
Kathryn Hilton
Vice President of Marketing and Retail Sales
Jay Mackerer
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Gaudreau
Chief Technology Officer
Jo Medelman
Vice President, Operations, West
Jacob Johnson
VP, Government & Regulatory Affairs
Angie Michelini
VP, Legal & Government Affairs
Jen Marshall
VP, Regional Sales - VFA & Kykloud Capital Planning
Jim Streeter
VP, VFA Capital Planning & Assessment Services
Matthew Bausher
Vice President and General Manager, Higher Education
Lisa Cooley
Vice President of Federal Solutions
Ted Kail
Vice President of Product Management
Santosh Sreenivasan
Chief Information Officer
Bryan Walter
Vice President and General Manager, Federal Solutions
Kelly Beaupre
Senior Director, Human Resources
Janice Nolan
VP, Business Operations
Harshad Kharche
VP, Business Integrations
Christa Obert
VP, Human Resources

Board & Advisors

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