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EasyShiksha Launches Enterprise version 2.0 for new millennial approach and requirements

EasyShiksha Launches Enterprise version 2.0 for new millennial approach and requirements, HawksCode
  • A great number of colleges and universities are enrolling to become partners in the new version of the Enterprise section at EasyShiksha.
  • Version 2.0 offers various new and expanded features other than version 1.0 which was initiated 2 years back.

Jaipur, April 14, 2021, EasyShiksha is launching Version 2.0 of the education portal, which was initiated in 2012. The enterprise model features the opportunity for colleges and institutes to offer services ranging from admission assistance to the courses of the colleges for a good lot of filtered potential candidates with full transparency. The institutes get in unique leads for every course offered, thus helping in retargeting and finding the best fit for respective premises and colleges. A separate brand identity is also created with innumerable opportunities. The goodwill and authenticity of information created via the platform can give good and desired solutions to the parents searching for future building for their wards.

Version 1.0 of the enterprise segment launched in 2019, is updated and clutched in with new technologies, relevant information and more authentic results and brand stories of the institutions. It has now grown beyond respective contemporaries in the matter of getting unique and interesting leads of the programmes, with no duplicacy in the lead management of the proposed student. This creates benefits for both parties, the admission seekers and the providers, as the seekers may not get unnecessary phone calls or emails from every college on the earth but only the relevant ones; and institutes can focus on the best suitable students, who genuinely want to get in the required colleges. The visitors here are 100% authentic and with a good proportion of convertible admissions. Also, the universities or institutions get a broad reader base to any of their regular articles, magazines, alumni stories and achievements and research papers, so that they can create a brand amongst the audiences. With EasyShiksha, one can also get passes and invites for cultural and annual shows of the colleges, thus helping in marketing and selling of invitations to the larger base. Several members are signing and partnering with the portal, to get an edge over their relevant competitors and to get over with the old practices, and suit the new millennial approaches and ways of getting information.

Though the salient features of the Enterprise version 1, has been taken forward with new additions of some of the offerings to the portal, the attributes carried forward are Carer helping guide, Featured Portfolio of every student and even the colleges, under a single page, Top results in the search engine, a good place to create the authentic brand identity of the college and more.

**Ms. Nidhi Sharma, the COO of EasyShiksha quotes **“The new enterprise version of EasyShiksha aims to bridge the gap of relevant and transparent information between the students and universities. The ad-hocism of the new features of the Enterprise model of EasyShiksha is now the need of the hour. With many institutions and colleges partnering regularly, our duty and dream to create a platform to benefit all the concerned stakeholders have prospered and thus seems to be on track. Version 1.0 was launched 2 years back and was lacking a few key drivers, which have been taken care of in the new version. We invite colleges to avail the benefit offered under our platform and hence make a difference in the education sector with us.”

About EasyShiksha

EasyShiksha helps in maintaining the top-notch intelligence quotient and e-learning base to everyone, with just a click. The platform was initiated in 2012 as a life hack to Students, Faculty Members, Educational & Digital Training Institutes, Universities, Online Distance Learning Schools, Coachings, and even parents. It is a one-stop solution and sure-shot decision enhancing entity, with an easy & user-friendly interface. EasyShiksha provides certification courses for the most diverse online programs which are valid and accepted across all industries and institutions. The 5 modules under our format include information for all the universities and colleges across the globe, E-learning Courses in 1000+ fields, a Career helping guide based on IQ and aptitude, Regularly Updated daily test series for all Competitive exams, and Student Campus Ambassador Programs. All these courses are tried and tested by professionals and skilled employees from the parent company of Hawkscode.

For any support or further assistance, please write to us on the below handles, or you can also contact us on any of our Social Media platforms.

For media queries please contact media@easyshiksha.com

Website: www.easyshiksha.com

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HawksCode has appointed Nidhi Sharma as the new Chief Operating Officer of the Enterprise

Nidhi Sharma, a professional in the field of technology and web solutions has been appointed to be the new Chief Operating Officer for HawksCode. She has expertise in managing large scale projects with good managerial skills and has a track record for optimizing resources and the operational cost of the projects. With excellent organisational and leadership abilities, she has strong interpersonal and communication skills. She also has a successful history of strategic planning, business development and regulating issues. While welcoming the new COO of the enterprise, Mr Sunil Sharma, the CEO of HawkCode said, "HawksCode has been on a journey for 9 years now, and has catered to some extraordinary clients, with best possible solutions. To further grow and extend services for the company in new realms, the appointment of a new COO has been made. The goal of the company is to achieve operational transparency, with smooth functioning and customised solutions to every stakeholder of the enterprise, hence I welcome, Nidhi Sharma onboard, to take the responsibilities and play a pivotal role in shaping and structuring the future of technology, along with our team and collective efforts." In terms of the new roles and responsibilities, Nidhi Sharma said, "The tasks and operations entrusted for the above position involve designing and implementation of business strategies, planning and executing the daily operations with rules and procedures and setting up of performance analysing standards for the company, for individual, collective employees and the respective clients. Formulating policies that promote growth and extension in the brand value of HawksCode, its culture and ultimately the vision, will be my plan of action in the long run. I would like to segregate the daily tasks in overseeing and executing the practises, leading and mentoring employees, establishing a basic redressal system and evaluating the performances of all the concerned entities so the differences can be minimized to reach the potential and optimum level and this will be my core duties." About HawksCode HawksCode has been committed to developing businesses digitally in this informational and dynamic age. With a global presence in 5 countries over 4 continents, it has successfully been delivering IT consulting, web, mobile, software and marketing solutions to global clientele from all over the world. With the collective team effort of professional, passionate and highly skilled executives, HawksCode has carved a niche in the highly competitive IT services sector, providing the best possible customised solutions to everyone. Some core duties of the company are IT Consulting, Digital Business Transformation, Enterprise Applications, Strategy and Architecture, Online solution etc. HawksCode has been uniquely positioned to innovate and get out of the box results, with flying colours. The speciality is to design and cater to the new trends and technologies for a system of framework to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. The team and human resource of HawksCode are like a family and serves as the backbone to support, nurture and create an environment suitable for work. To achieve the optimum results, HawksCode is particular about the work being undertaken, the deadlines with no compromise on quality. EasyShiksha is a subsidiary and a product line of HawksCode, which is an online platform that aims to revolutionize the education sector. The platform provides 5 module solutions, which contains information about all the universities and colleges across the globe, E-learning Courses in 1000+ fields, a Career helping guide based on IQ and aptitude, Regularly Updated daily test series for all Competitive exams, and Student Campus Ambassador Programs. This in turn allows the stakeholders to choose from the best possible alternatives to make the best living possible. For further media, queries write us at the following Email: info@hawkscode.com Or visit us at website www.hawkscode.com

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