Institut Mines-Télécom

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Org chart

Odile Gauthier
Executive Director
Alain Schmitt
Deputy Director General, Head of Competitiveness, Innovation and Entreprise Development Section
Denis Guibard
Director of Institut Mines, Télécom Business School
Francis Jutand
Deputy General Manager
Frédérique Vincent
Director of International Education
Pascal Ray
Director of Mines Saint-Etienne
Paul Friedel
Director of IMT Atlantique
Audrey Loridan-Baudrier
Acting Director of IMT Mines Albi
Pierre Perdiguier
Acting Director of IMT Mines Alès

Board & Advisors

Ahmed J’Mila
Board Member
Anaïs Vergne
Board Member
Bruno Remy
Board Member
Dominique Dubois
Board Member
Gilles Bregant
Board Member
Luc Rousseau
Board Member
Pascal Estraillier
Board Member
Samir Saoudi
Board Member

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