Lady Ochel Espinosa

Regional Insights Director, Emerging Markets, Southeast Asia at Isentia

Lady Ochel Espinosa has a diverse work experience in the field of insights and research, particularly in the media industry. Lady Ochel started their career at Brandtology in 2011 as a Social Media Research Analyst in Singapore. Lady Ochel then joined Isentia Singapore in 2012 as an Associate Research Manager. In 2015, they took on the role of Associate Insights Manager at Isentia Philippines and continued to excel in the company, eventually becoming the Insights Manager for the Philippines in 2018. Lady Ochel further advanced their career in Isentia and became the Insights and Research Director for the Philippines in 2019. In 2020, they took on the role of Regional Insights Manager for Emerging Markets, Southeast Asia, and then transitioned to the position of Regional Insights Director, Emerging Markets, Southeast Asia, in 2021.

In addition to their work in Isentia, Lady Ochel Espinosa will also be joining the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication in 2022 as a Graduate School Professor. Lady Ochel'svarious roles in Isentia have involved leading teams, developing media analytics and insights solutions, representing the company in speaking engagements and conferences, and working closely with clients to deliver strategic insights and analysis reports. Lady Ochel Espinosa has a strong track record and experience in the media research field, making their a valuable asset to any organization they work with.

Lady Ochel Espinosa completed their Bachelor of Arts degree from Ateneo de Manila University between 2000 and 2004. Lady Ochel'sfield of study included Political Science, International Relations, Government, and they had a minor in European Studies. Later, they pursued a Masters Degree in Development Communication from the University of the Philippines from 2011 to 2013. Lastly, they earned a Doctor of Communication degree from the University of the Philippines between 2014 and 2018. Information regarding their current education experience is not available.



  • Regional Insights Director, Emerging Markets, Southeast Asia

    August, 2021 - present

  • Regional Insights Manager For Emerging Markets Southeast Asia

    May, 2020

  • Insights And Research Director Philippines

    January, 2019

  • Insights Manager Philippines

    June, 2018

  • Associate Insights Manager Philippines

    November, 2015

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