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About Justos

We are Justos, a new Brazilian insurtech. You might be thinking "Really? Another insurance company? Why? 😴"
But like our mothers used to say, "because I said so". Just kidding! We are a different kind of insurance company! We know, we know -  every startup says that they are different. So let us explain why Justos is special. Please, grab a seat.

First of all, we are a mission driven company. Our mission is to build a safer and fairer world by making insurance faster, simpler and universally accessible. We offer a product that rewards our customers for safe driving, is easy to understand and is faster to solve your claims when things don't go according to plan. 
Second, we have a unique culture inspired by the founders’ previous experiences at Netflix, AirBnB, Classpass, as well as building and exiting companies while they lived in Silicon Valley. Our values include self care, trust and responsibility and we put our money where our mouth is. For example, we have an unlimited vacation policy, and distributed decision-making (meaning you don’t need your manager’s approval to do things). 
Our company has a solid mission, product, culture and (an amazing) team. We were be able to raise $36 million (200 million Reais) led by Ribbit, with participation from Softbank, Kaszek sand 8 unicorn CEOs (including Nubank, Hippo, Kavak, Creditas, Classpass and iFood). We are a fully remote company but mostly concentrated in Brazil and Spain. Read more about us and how Justos came into existence 👉 here.

Our Team

We are building a stellar and diverse global team of creatives, builders, analysts and operators. Above everything, we look for exceptional team players that make everyone around them better. We are looking to build long term relationships in which our team becomes like a family that supports each other, laughs often, sometimes sheds a tear, but understands that together we are harder, better, faster, and stronger. We are a fully remote company but mostly concentrated in Brazil and Spain. We value our culture and team relationships, so twice a year the whole company spend a week together on an offsite event, full of learnings, connections and fun :)We believe that building a diverse and inclusive culture is not only the right thing to do, but that a diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone. High performing teams can do great things, but truly inclusive teams can do the impossible. Our commitment to diversity applies to all aspects of the business, including recruiting, speech, activities, performance and promotions, and beyond.

Talent Pool

Justos is growing and looking for new talents. We have position openings on a regular basis. Feel free to check out our carreer page and sign up for any position you identify with. If at the moment there is none that fits with you, please submit your resume here. Our recruiter team is looking for new talented people constantly.
"Profit is like the air we breathe. We need air to live, but we don't live to breathe." - Frederic Laloux
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