Henrique Gusso Netzka

CPO at Kamino

Henrique Gusso Netzka has a diverse work experience spanning over several years. Henrique is currently the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Kamino, a comprehensive financial planning and spend management platform for growing businesses. In this role, they utilize Kamino's automated spend management and execution software integrated with major banks to enhance financial decision-making and streamline operations.

Prior to their current position, Henrique was the CEO and Founder of Nimbly, a leading B2B payments automation platform in Brazil. Henrique successfully automated payables and receivables for numerous SMBs, facilitating the movement of millions of dollars daily.

Before Nimbly, Henrique founded Tático ERP, a generalist ERP company. Henrique grew the business to achieve $200k in annual recurring revenue (ARR), gaining valuable insights into entrepreneurship along the way.

Henrique also has experience as the CEO and Founder of Linha de Chegada.com, a Brazilian runners' social network and GPS tracking app, similar to Strava or Runkeeper. Under their leadership, the platform attracted 80k active users per month and implemented engaging features like the "Power Ranger" badge.

In addition to their entrepreneurial ventures, Henrique co-founded Mestre Gourmet and embarked on their first entrepreneurial journey with GHN Inteligência e Tecnologia. At GHN, they developed software solutions to automate back-office operations for public companies such as Bematech and ALL.

Henrique began their career as a Business Intelligence Specialist at ESAT Soluções em Alta Tecnologia, where they worked on projects for companies like O Boticário and Electrolux. Henrique also held positions as a Senior Software Engineer at Vetor Sistemas and Software Engineer at Duty Sistemas de Informações e Logística em Gerenciamento de Riscos.

Throughout their career, Henrique Gusso Netzka has gained extensive expertise in financial technology, entrepreneurship, software development, and business intelligence.

Henrique Gusso Netzka has pursued their education in two different fields. Henrique started their academic journey at FAE, where they studied Ciências Econômicas (Economic Sciences), although the specific start and end years are not provided. Henrique then shifted their focus to the field of Engenharia da Computação (Computer Engineering) at Universidade Positivo. Again, the specific duration of their studies is not mentioned. Additionally, Henrique obtained their IELTS certification in November 2014 from the British Council.



  • CPO

    January, 2023 - present

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