Sean Cody

Head of Data Analytics at Kaptea | Twilio Consulting Partner at Kaptea

Sean Cody has a diverse work experience spanning multiple industries and roles. Sean most recently served as the Head of Data Analytics at Kaptea, a Twilio Consulting Partner. Prior to that, they worked as a Consultant in Analytics and Planning for Smartzone - Connected & Protected, where they collaborated with Aviva on the delivery of Smart Homes in Ireland. Sean also served as a Business Planning & Pricing Consultant at Blue Danube Systems, Consultant for Customer Acquisition & Pricing at Ekahau, and Business Modeling & Pricing Consultant at Stratto LLC.

Earlier in their career, Sean worked as a Business Intelligence & Modeling Consultant at Cisco, Project Manager at Pharmapod and Ipsen Pharmaceuticals, and a Business Consultant at Microsoft. Sean also served as a Project Manager at PixelSoup, where they oversaw web design and app development projects for the educational sector.

Throughout their various roles, Sean has demonstrated expertise in areas such as data analytics, financial modeling, investor relations, project management, and business planning.

Sean Cody has a diverse education history. Sean began their formal education at Douglas CS in Cork, Ireland, where they obtained their Leaving Certificate in Honours in 1984. After completing their secondary education, they went on to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University College Cork, graduating in 1988 with a focus on Finance.

Sean's interest in business and management led him to further their education in accounting. Sean became a Fellow at Chartered Accountants Ireland from 1988 to 1992, specializing in Accounting and Business/Management.

In 2010, Sean expanded their knowledge in business management by obtaining a CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) certification from Scrum Alliance. This certification enhances their ability to apply agile methods in project management.

Sean's passion for data analytics and technology is evident in their educational pursuits. In 2017, they attended The University of Waikato, where they earned a certification in Data Mining. This certification allowed him to deepen their understanding of data analytics.

To further enhance their skills in data analytics, Sean pursued a CPD Diploma in Digital Media Production at Technological University Dublin from 2012 to 2013. This diploma focused on digital technology and game development, providing him with practical knowledge in the field.

More recently, Sean pursued a Higher Diploma in Science in Data Analytics for Business from CCT College Dublin. Sean completed the program from 2021 to 2022, specializing in Data Analytics for Business. This diploma significantly expanded their expertise in data analytics and its application in a business context.

In addition to their formal education, Sean has also obtained various certifications to enhance their skills. Notably, they obtained certifications in Tableau Fundamentals, Data Manipulation in SQL, PostgreSQL Summary Stats and Window Functions, Data Analytics in Power BI, and Object-Oriented Programming in Python. These certifications were obtained from reputable institutions such as DataCamp, University of Michigan, and LinkedIn.

Overall, Sean's education history reflects their continuous commitment to learning and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in data analytics, technology, and business management.


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  • Head of Data Analytics at Kaptea | Twilio Consulting Partner

    January, 2020 - present

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