Org chart

Matt Harrington
President & CEO
Cheryl Schade
VP & Chief Program Officer
Doug Kroll
Joshua John Diehl
Chief Program Officer, Child & Adolescent Services
Angie Goens
Chief Human Resources Officer
Adria Minniear
Chief Philanthropy Officer
Christina Herceg Tembo
Chief Marketing Officer
Charlene Anthony
Director, Community Employment
Deb Beach
Director, Family & Community Supports
Adam Clevenger
Director, Maintenance & Housekeeping
Matt Costello
Director, Protective Services
Cheryl Groves
Director, Group Living
Thomas Korenstra
Director, IT
Britany Melton
Clinical Director, LOGAN Autism Services, Indiana
Barbie Pickut
Director, The Studios
Kayle Sexton
Director, Supported Living
Cynthia Zook
Director, Quality Assurance
Holly Tobolski
Director, Employment Services
Kristin Wier
Clinical Director, Autism Learning Center, Southwest Michigan

Board & Advisors

David M. Findlay
Immediate Past Chair
DJ Fitzpatrick
Vice Chair and Treasurer
Savita Collins
Board Member
Brant Coulter
Board Member
Mike Edwards
Board Member
Melinda Keenan
Board Member
Tracy Knox
Board Member
Jeremy Noetzel
Board Member
Dick Nussbaum
Board Member
Bonnie Raine
Board Member
Michael D. Seamon
Board Member
Brian Stanley
Board Member
Bob Sturtevant
Board Member
Bianca L. Tirado
Board Member
Maura Weis
Board Member
Christine Whitmire
Board Member

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