Vinay Hiremath

CTO & Co-Founder at Loom


Vinay Hiremath is the CTO and Co-Founder of Loom. Vinay has also worked for Facebook and upthere.

Vinay's work at Facebook consisted of working on the Mobile Web team, primarily working on various iterations of the composer, which is the component that allows users to post status, photo and location updates. Vinay also participated in the annual summer hackathon where they and their team added pets to a user's social graph, including a pet relationship and an auto-generated page that displayed a timeline-esque representation of a pet.

At upthere, Vinay was promoted to tech lead and then manager and then demoted back to tech lead of the web team. The demotion had to do with both company politics and some room for personal growth on my end. Despite this setback, Vinay continued to excel in their role. Vinay increased the efficiency of downloads from the web application by almost 300% (memory consumption) by zipping several files on the fly over websocket connections. Vinay also increased the efficiency and reliability of uploads from the web client by designing and implementing a resumable upload protocol which spanned multiple backend services.

In addition, Vinay worked on an infinitely-scrollable activity feed, several widgets around music and video playback, and a full-fledged PDF viewer with pagination. Vinay also implemented a web build, deployment and versioning system with Grunt and Jenkins. Later they moved from Grunt to Gulp and transferred all operations to be streaming and non-blocking, which cut the average build time down from 73 seconds to 3 seconds.

Vinay also architected a move from 3 web repositories to 1 large monolithic web repository. Code layout was easier to reason about and dependency management got simpler. Vinay then went on to work on the core build system for infrastructure written in C that had to bridge to iPhone, Android and Web services. After that, they spearheaded several iterations of the Preview Service. This service allowed clients to preview all image, audio, video, and document types. Vinay also co-architected the "plug-and-play" delegate model of this service, allowing it to be infinitely extensible. Lastly, they implemented streaming transcoding logic on video files and built a transcoding prototype that was implemented fully after they left.

Vinay introduced Node.js to a 100% Go service ecosystem, which included modules to gracefully handle cross-language service discovery and RPC. Vinay also read several systems papers and helped co-host a paper-reading club where they were able to deeply learn about operating and distributed systems.

Vinay Hiremath has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in Materials Science and Computer Science.

Some individuals on their team include Tingzhen Ming - Senior Engineering Manager, Ted Nyman - Head of Infrastructure, and Marcin Wolny - Senior DevOps Engineer. They are on a team with Laura Hart - Director, Demand Generation, Stewart Scott-Curran - Senior Director of Brand, and Christie Grix - VP, People. Vinay Hiremath reports to Joe Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder.


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