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Meet Luxor's Co-founder and CTO, Eddie Wang

Meet Luxor's Co-founder and CTO, Eddie Wang, Luxor

The path taken by Eddie Wang to be at the forefront of blockchain technology has to be one of the most unlikely. From a budding classical pianist to an amateur hacker, Eddie has worn a range of different hats on his way to being a co-founder and CTO of cryptocurrency mining company Luxor Technologies.

Growing up in Toronto, Eddie had always thought he would grow up to be a pianist. He played piano for a decade and attended Unionville School for the Arts, where he was valedictorian. However, at the age of 13, his other hobby, technology, started to take over.

Eddie is a self-taught coder, or what he calls a “script-kiddie”. His first break into the startup-scene came when he discovered a glitch on a teen social networking site, Lockerz.

“I decided to email their CEO about it,” he says. “It turned into my first internship because they offered me an advisory role to work with their team. It was a really cool experience, and it gave me the startup bug. It made me realize I can use my skills to create, and I could build companies rather than just trying to do random things like hack websites.”

From there, Shad Valley, a summer STEM program, at the University of British Columbia nurtured Eddie’s interest in tech even further. He went on to earn a Commerce degree from Queen’s University and complete a range of internships in startups, as well as larger companies such as OMERS and Scotiabank. However, it was the varied roles and excitement of working in startups that he really enjoyed.

“The big difference is the big companies specialize you right away,” he says. “My experiences at startups were much more valuable because I got a feel for dealing with those unknowns and gained the mental fortitude to really jump in and do things yourself.”

While working at Scotiabank, he found himself working as an intern sitting beside the bank's blockchain team. In a few weeks, he found himself diving into the rabbit hole of blockchain as well. He came across an interesting D-app (decentralized application) codebase on Github and decided to reach out to the developer via Reddit. That developer was Nick Hansen, who was soon to become his co-founder at Luxor.

“I was like, dude, you have some really interesting code. I think we can do something together here,” he says. “So we started collaborating. Essentially, the company was spawned from a curiosity in learning more about blockchain. We’ve made a lot of mistakes but overall it's been a pretty wonderful ride.”

The company is focused on productizing its data technology in the field of compute power to connect electricity producers to communities all over the world. Eddie also sees opportunities in commoditizing video rendering and AI. That presents an obvious technological challenge, but the other major factor is finding the people who can deliver it.

“We're looking for quick-learners, passionate blockchain enthusiasts, and high-impact contributors to join our team,” Eddie says. “Talent is something that's going to stay critically important as we grow Luxor, and it’s really hard to get right.

Luxor Tech is hiring! See open roles here

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Funding announcement

Luxor Technology Closes $5.0M Round Led by NYDIG, With Participation From US Mining Firms

Luxor Technology Corporation ("Luxor") announced today the closing of a $5.0 million Series A led by institutional Bitcoin technology and financial services firm NYDIG. In addition to leading the equity round, NYDIG will collaborate with Luxor on a number of mining-related ventures and hashrate-based products. Also participating in the equity round are mining companies Blockware Solutions, Celsius Network, DPO, Navier, and Supplybit. In addition, Bitnomial, Hodl Capital, and Routemaster participated alongside many strategic angel investors. "We at Luxor are incredibly honored and excited to work alongside NYDIG to provide much-needed products and services to miners. Luxor is uniquely positioned to capitalize on industry tailwinds that see hashrate continuing to migrate to North America. With NYDIG’s exceptional track record, reputation and talent we will be able to revolutionize the way hashrate is harnessed, valued, traded and hedged. My co-founders Eddie Wang, Ethan Vera, and Guzman Pintos, along with the rest of the Luxor Team, are eager to continue building," said Nick Hansen, CEO and co-founder of Luxor. Luxor and NYDIG offer complementary products to the rapidly evolving mining industry. Both firms are providing best-in-class services to miners looking to improve their operations and investors getting exposure to mining. By combining forces on the product side, Luxor and NYDIG can further improve the mining solution and help grow the North American mining industry. "We’re pleased to lead this Series A funding round and are thrilled to partner with Luxor to develop first-of-their-kind products and competencies for North American miners," said Robert Gutmann, co-founder and CEO of NYDIG. "We’re confident in Nick’s vision and his team’s ability to drive and expedite the hashrate migration to North America, and the development of instruments that can strengthen the Bitcoin ecosystem." Proprietary technology developed by Luxor has the potential to supercharge returns for miners. Luxor’s Switch software product is a profit-switching algorithm that maximizes earnings by switching between blockchains and venues to maximize hashrate rewards. About Luxor Luxor is a fast-growing technology company that is shaping the future of hashrate as a commodity, building new-gen digital pipelines for compute power. Learn more at and on their Twitter. About NYDIG NYDIG provides Bitcoin investment and technology solutions to insurers, banks, corporations, institutions, and HNW individuals. The firm and its products meet the industry’s highest regulatory, audit, and governance standards. Learn more at, or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Partnership announcement

Canada Computational Unlimited Inc. Partners with Luxor Technology Corporation on Hashrate Management

JOLIETTE, QC, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Canada Computational Unlimited Inc. doing business as (""), a bitcoin mining center located in the Province of Québec, Canada is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Luxor Technology Corporation ("Luxor") to work together on hashrate liquidation. In this partnership, Luxor will utilize proprietary mining pool and switching algorithms to maximize the value of's mining operations. "Luxor has rapidly proven their top-of-the line software approach for the blockchain industry and for mining bitcoins particularly. Using the Luxor pool for the past weeks has shown tremendous results and stability, we can't wait to scale more with them while at the same time securing the crypto-currency world with our renewable energy and efficient operation," said Romain Nouzareth, CEO and Co-Founder. Since its inception, has pursued a vision of environmental stewardship and increased performance throughout the cryptocurrency mining process. The availability of energy from renewable sources in the province of Québec has made this endeavor feasible and a great base for future growth. To further growth has recently announced it entered into an agreement with Capricorn (TSXV: CAK.H). "The team has built a phenomenal mining business, powered through renewable energy. We are excited to further support the move towards carbon-neutral sources of energy and this partnership attests to Luxor's ability to maximize the value of hashrate and provide a catered solution to institutional miners." stated Ethan Vera, Luxor COO. About was incorporated pursuant to the Business Corporations Act (Québec) on November 16, 2017. Since its creation, operates a high-density computation center built for high-grade cryptocurrency mining, AI data processing and fintech infrastructure located in the city of Joliette in the Province of Québec. In 2018, contracted with Hydro-Joliette to purchase up to 20 MW of hydro-electrical power to be used for crypto mining. 2.5 MW are currently used by to produce 32 PH/s of Bitcoin mining power (hashrate) and 6 GH/s of Ethereum mining power. has mined 421 Bitcoin since its creation. has built the capacity to use an additional 5 MW of power and is ready to host new mining rigs for cryptocurrency. The capacity to use the remaining 12.5 MW is set to be built in the coming months. About Luxor Technology Corporation Luxor is a fast-growing technology company that is shaping the future of hashrate as a commodity, building the next-generation digital pipelines for computer power. Luxor is backed by notable investors such as Argo Blockchain, Bitnomial, Celsius Network, Routemaster Capital, and more. Luxor also runs Hashrate Index, the leading crypto-mining data website. SOURCE Canada Computational Unlimited Inc.

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